05 April 2013

Hey there!!

Surprises never cease! I'm writing a post! I go back and forth on if I even want to continue blogging because I'm so crappy about doing it consistantly. I'm a terrible procrastinator and also work full time, so I guess that's my excuse.

One of our baby sheep was attacked and killed by a coyote about 1 1/2 weeks ago (No chance to save him from the jaws of death like I was able to do for Jack). So we promptly bought a 'guard donkey' for the rest of them but are still getting donkey/sheep acclimated to each other. She is a 'mammoth' donkey. As the name would imply, she's big. Not like a cute little donkey, but more like a horse with really big ears. Her 'hee haw' (if you can even call it that) is like nothing you've ever heard. I love it! Mostly because I KNOW it drives our 'favorite' neighbors crazy and there's not a damn thing they can do about it! (Pictures forthcoming).

After the lamb was killed, the rest of the 'herd' was very scared and skittish. We have been keeping them in the back yard. We had some nice weather and left doors open and here's what we ended up with!
Is that awesome or what!? (I know not everyone would think so, but I think it's hilarious).

The baby (We named him Lucky--for obvious reasons) now 'scuffs' at the backdoor because he wants in!

Bigfoot started a new job a few weeks ago (We sure wish money grew on trees). So our life is all topsy turvy. Get up a 5 a.m., drive to Dallas, work for 'the man', drive home, eat dinner, watch an hour or so of TV, go to bed, rinse, repeat. Yuk! BIG BEND TAKE US AWAY!!!