28 June 2010

Quick Cabin Trip

(bigfoot authoring here)..

We made a whirlwind trip to the cabin over the wknd, driving down Friday and returned today.

2.3 days at the cabin and we really hated to leave this morning. EVERY late afternoon and evening we witnessed massive rain and thunderhead clouds to the east, west, south and sometimes north of us. But only got a few chilly raindrops Sunday evening, and it did not even wet the ground. Possibly some fell late today (Monday), after we left.

It did cool off the night time for sleeping with the windows and doors wide open, and mornings were pretty nice, weather wise. And amazingly ..No cone nose beetle injuries were encountered.

Also we were able to catch up with most of the neighbors. Met with tffnguy, James J., and John Wells of TFL fame. Hung out a bit at the Legion Sat afternoon and ran into "Just Me". Also saw Benita... and Pepper, the amazing elect-cord gnawing pup. James stopped by with his constant companion, Thunder, his horse that follows him like a faithful dog.

Not much work progress, but great thunderstorm viewing and even a rainbow yesterday was seen.

Our neighbor James (the surveyor) who has been living on his 100+acres offgrid for at least 8 years, introduced us to Strawberry Cactus fruit. He gathered a few, showed us how to peel them and eat 'em. Sweet, and slightly tart taste, with the texture a bit like Kiwi fruit....tffnguy came up with the superb idea of making wine from them..!! (James and tffnguy came over for some late breakfast one morning)

a few pics from the trip...lunar eclipse as well.

back home now to "normal" life, tracking the Voil-cano, waiting for the next Obama-legislation, the never ending stream of life changing laws for us small people, and tending the garden here at home.

adios y'all..for now.

24 June 2010

The Happy Couples

Here's a shot of the happy newlyweds. . .Bigfoot's son and his beautiful bride (running through bubbles). They are now having fun in the sun in Cozumel.
And here's the other happy couple (semi-newlyweds). We're especially happy today because we decided to take a "speed trip" to the cabin for the weekend. Drive on Friday. Stay Saturday and Sunday. Drive back Monday. Back to work on Tuesday. Kind of a crazy idea, but that's what we're gonna do.

17 June 2010

Betting, Fretting, and Wedding

I have been losing sleep over this damn oil leak--gush--volcano (not "spill" as the media likes to call it). I believe the ramifications will be much worse than many people believe.

So--wanna take bets on when they'll successfully 'plug the hole?' I wish I could be optimistic, but I'm betting it'll be late August at the earliest. I hope I'm wrong and that it's much sooner.

I had an interview today for a full-time position of Associate Professor at a local college. I think it went well, but who really knows. But I'm not fretting too much about it since I am lucky enough to already be employed (even if only part-time).

Bigfoot's son (?"Mediumfoot"?) is getting married on Saturday. Rehearsal Dinner on Friday night. So a big weekend in the works for us.

12 June 2010

Same Old, Same Old

Not a lot going on. We're watching our garden grow and starting to see some fruits of Bigfoot's labor (I haven't been too involved this year except to go out and ooh and aah).

More pictures from our last cabin trip.

Our cabin will be fairly 'rustic' inside with a few splashes of color. What you see is me refurbishing an antique medicine cabinet. This is what happens when Bigfoot finds a good deal on paint--You never know what color we'll end up with--I'm calling this particular color 'Ocotillo Red.'

I am going to take advantage of ANY places I can find extra storage area (no matter how small).

And this is what happens when I have the paint open and Bigfoot (after a few 'adult beverages') decides that our yard art needs some 'sprucing up.'
You've heard of 'painting the town red.' I had to put my foot down lest our entire cabin end up red. There are several other objects around the place that are now extremely red.

05 June 2010

Child Protective Services

If this blog was a child, CPS would have already come and taken it away from me for 'abandonment.' I'll try to do better.

Let's look at some picture from our last Cabin Trip.

Me petting a very large millipede--He/she quickly retreated under the deck.

Enjoying some conversation with JW--CEO of The Field Lab.

A view of my 'temporary' kitchen area.

Me hard at work preparing 'brunch.' Tffnguy to join us on this particular morning.

Here is our dog, Jack. We discovered that placing cool, wet towels on him during the heat of the day is an effective method of keeping him from overheating. He loved it--no complaints at all.

More later. . .