22 September 2010

HOT NEWS FLASH.....(maybe)

Bigfoot here AGAIN...!
There is an outside chance of us'ns making a move to the Trans Pecos region....may have to live in a smallish travel trailer for awhile....but I can always exhale whenever I go inside to sleep...or get outta the weather....and stay outside the rest of the time.
And we'd only be an hour or so from the cabin (under const still).
We just arrived at this notion today and are kicking it around mentally the best way I know how this late afternoon...with a good measure of golden brown liquid......WHISKEY. (Wine for Caren)
If you don't sieze the CARP (carpe diem)....and JUST DO IT....when does it ever seem like the "right time"???
It'd be pretty soon...like late this year....and we'd have to find a "house sitter" for our very small place here near DFW.
But DAMN.....we REALLY do want to figure out how to make this work.!!!
okay.....enough for now..
hope every one is doing good.
Adios Y'all....
Bigfoot & Littlefoot

17 September 2010

Baylor Dallas....does it ever end?

Bigfoot here again.....Lil bro out of the Baylor (again) yesterday.
1. Called in for Liver transplant and gets it on 8-16
2. one week later Baylor opens him up again to fix blood leak at top of liver
3. he's home a few days later, but going back for twice a week follow up (standard for liver transplants)
4. He's had a sinus infection for many weeks prior to transplant and we've let everyone know at several points along the path. He was on antibiotic meds for this at the time he was called in for transplant. But all meds stopped at that time!
5. During routine after transplant 1 week later checkup visit to Baylor he breaks into severe uncontrollable shivers in the waiting room and temp runs up to 103....head cat scan shows nasal "polyp"..they have to go into his nasal passage to get rid of this but turns out to benot a polyp but ball of "fungus" aka severe sinus blockage infection with puss locked in sinus area behind it. While on the anti rejection meds from liver trans....his body cannot fight this and there are fears of "blood poisoning" or SEPSIS....major deal (why don't they listen during pre transplant days???)
6. Got this under control...and he's released from Baylor with a large swollen left arm..they "checked" and no blood clot here...."it'll go down in a couple of days"
7. back to this week for Baylor for routine twice a week visit...Doc is concerned about big arm...wants to re-do the sonogram on his arm (did it 6 days ago..got "OK" from Baylor sonogram)
8. Did a fresh sonagram Tues this week....tech says BOOM there it is...a 6" long blood clot in his shoulder/upper bicep vein...he's gotta check back into the Baylor Hosp AGAIN.
9. 2 Days later...after blood thinning IVs...he's released again yesterday...(he really hates this ordeal as he's NEVER been in a hosp other than this transplant ordeal)
10. Home at my parent's house now...again.
gotta go back Sunday AM for blood work....and back Tue next week for regular checkups.
70 miles each way for us from west side of FTW....but gotta do it...can change to FTW Baylor after all these screwups by Baylor are simmered down.
What do you expect for a half million $$$ dollar tab???? (best guestimate for this ordeal with all Baylor-related complications)
Glad he has excellent insurance.....(I ain't got none so I oughta ease up on the Bourbon, huh?)
Sorry for the looong post....but facts is facts, maam

10 September 2010

Quick trip to Terlingua Ranch last wknd

Yep, you guessed it...Bigfoot here again at the keyboard.

Made a fast dash to South Brewster Co last Friday. Left near DFW area about noon and arrived at the destination a little before 8PM...still some day light left to unpack by.

Cool mornings and warm ( no actually a tad HOT) afternoons...great weather. The Mexican General grasshoppers were munching away all the ocotillo leaves, trying to kill my precious ocotillo, the nasty bastards. Some were pretty big, one of them demanded a light from me.

Enjoyed a visit with old and new friends at Tffnguy's new abode nearby, great time and great food thanks to David and Just Me. Fran, Robert, James, RN and Misty, 2 Simplify and partner, And David the Legion dude all made for a nice breakfast brunch.

Later some of us hooked back up and the Legion for some tasty adult beverages and good old fashioned BS'n... and around dusk we migrated down the gravel road a piece for some more adult beverages, some din-din and lead slingin' at David's place until dark thirty and a sky full of stars...another Swell time was had. This time a new friend Lee was along for this segment of the Labor Day Wknd Hullaballoo.

David with his persuasive way of convincing us....talked us into staying another day...so we did, and departed late afternoon on Monday for Cowtown, spent the night in a motel in Colorado City, and made it to home by 10AM Tue..plenty of time for Caren's class late in the day.

See some pics from the wknd...and of Caren's morning hike near the cabin looking for petrified tree stumps, et al. And our solar clothes dryer.

Got home Tue AM to find the water well pump at the house burned out...no water. A call to the outfit that drilled it for me 16 yrs ago...and yep...they replaced the pump, upsized it slightly, and added 20 feet to the well pump depth. Water at 75', pump now at 120' and total well depth is 145'. That original pump lasted longer than expected...so I'm good to go for a long time. (wish I had this well near Terlingua) Now only issue is I'm $1700 poorer...but gotta have H2O right?

Hoping to get back down south in a few weeks.....My brother is out of the hospital after having to go go back in to fight infection from a sinus infection that was about to get outta control with the anti-rejection meds he's on as a result of the liver transplant. Hopefully things will simmer down for awhile.

Adios Y'all...!!!

02 September 2010

whine about the heat...Kapowee!!...and it's GONE!

Bigfoot here again....Caren seems to never get time (or interest?) for blogging lately. She's wrapped up in a new hobby of jewelry recycling.

For lack of anything new to blog about....I have some pics for your perusal.

Yesterday I was whining about the dried up grass, sweltering 102 degree heat, etc.....and VIOLA....we get storms rolling in last evening and rain with lighting & thunder most of the night...and still cool & drizzly at 10AM today. Nearly 2" overnight.

I'll be gathering some stuff later for our quicky trip to TR this wknd...weather shows 60% rain Friday evening there...so hope we can get down the dirt road in the Towncar. We cannot wait to get there...it's been too long (early July)

Now allow me to present my fabulous trailer collection. (too bad I can't get the pics to align properly..but you can figure it out)


tiny red Harbor Freight special...have only used once or twice (too small)

primer brown/red lightweight.. medium/small...(many TR trips with this one)

old Chevy pickup bed..good sized and pulls well (many TR trips with this too)

Long, light boat trailer..planning to make this shorter and add material bed. (work in progress)

Old faithful, 18' with ramp and tool box (used to haul to TR but sold the Excursion...nothing to pull it with now..too big for the towncar)

Lotta things to do this trip and not much time (would like to run into OFM, but not sure if he'll still be around...and not much time to run up to Alpine this trip).

Looking forward to Sunday brunch at the "dungeon by the Legion" with new and old neighbors & friends in the TR area.

Adios y'all..!!

01 September 2010

SEPT 1, 2010.......is summer ever going to end?

Bigfoot standing in (again) here....

let's see..here's what's new in our world:

Brother is out of hospital with a new liver, and doing well so far. I have to haul him to Baylor Dallas twice a week for checkups, educational classes,etc.

I found a very dead road runner bird in our Walmart pool. He hopped in for a drink I guess, and with nothing to climb out on, he wore himself out swimming around, and we never noticed it until too late.

Caren started classes again for the fall semester at the nearby college (general Biology class and Zoology class).

I finally opened up a large Aluminet tarp I bought off craigslist about a year ago...and it's HUGE at 40' x 32'...but does not have edging tape band.

And we are making a trip to the cabin this Friday, but heading back Labor Day. Short trip but we can't wait to go. Tffnguy is having a little Sunday brunch and we are invited. (good to have good friends near the cabin)

Will post some cabin pics when we return from the trip.

Take care all..!!!