21 May 2010

American Legion

So. . .here we are at the American Legion. Bigfoot to my left. Just Me across the table. Tffnguy to my right. And another friend, James, also across the table. We've just finished a nice meal provided by the great people here at the Legion. Now sharing some cool drinks and conversation. Good times.

We had Tffnguy over for 'brunch' this morning. It was beautiful weather this morning. Quickly turned hot. We had a high temperature today on our thermometer of 111 degrees.

I need to wrap this up. I feel like I'm being unsociable with my nose buried in this computer. More later. . . and pictures.

18 May 2010

To The Cabin

Spent most of the day preparing to leave for the cabin tomorrow (Yea!).

Today was also the last day of the term for me. As I write (at 9:15 pm) I'm on campus waiting for ONE student to finish her final exam. Then I will upload her grade, print my report, turn it in and GET OUT OF HERE!

I've got to get home, pack my clothes (don't need much--we tend to wear the same thing day after day), finish packing food, etc. I may wait until early morning to do some of this stuff as I'm probably going to be pretty tired when I get home.

My younger son, Bruce, turned 20 today. Jaysus--Where does the time go??!! We had an early dinner with lots of good conversation. He just finished his sophomore year at A&M. Again--I'm a very proud mom.

I'll check in tomorrow as we drive to our little piece of heaven--Fustercluck Corner.

14 May 2010

Son and Sun

Here are a few 'proud mama' pictures of my son and daughter-in-law at their college graduation (As a mother, I think the facial hair makes him look scruffy. But when they're 22 and married ya gotta stay outta it).
My school term is coming to a close. All I have now is some grading and a few more final exams to administer. Then off to the cabin!
Not looking forward to the heat, but we're taking a small window unit air conditioner and plenty of gas for the generator if things get too unbearable. If it comes to that, we'll invite Tffnguy and Pepper over to hang out in our insulated bedroom just for a break from the heat. And plan on at least one 'dinner party' and play-date for Pepper and Jack.
I hope to keep in touch while we're there. I'll go to the Legion, order a cool beverage, and take advantage of the Wi-Fi.
Gotta do the visitin' when we get there. We'll certainly visit "Entrepreneur John" and his side-kick Benita. And I'll get to meet Buddy and Millie in person.
So. . .anyway. . .you see where my mind is already. . .

09 May 2010

Braggin' Rights

Yesterday Bigfoot and I had the great experience of watching my son and daughter-in-law walk across the stage at Abilene Christian University to receive their diplomas. My daughter-in-law, Bethany, graduated Summa Cum Laude and University Honors with a 4.0 G.P.A. My son, Ben, graduated Magna Cum Laude and University Honors with a 3.92 G.P.A. Needless to say, I'm a very proud mom here on Mother's Day (And, yes, you will have to put up with some photos--coming soon).

Of course, when Bigfoot and I drive west we have to deny the urge to keep driving to the cabin. After all, by the time we're in Abilene we're a fourth of the way there!

Above are photos of some of the native flora around our North Central Texas house. We have about 3 acres and like to keep most of it wild (much to the neighbor's chagrin). I'm sorry the photo with me looks like I'm flippin' everyone off--that was completely unintentional. . .(Will someone please tell me how to get pictures to upload where I place the cursor and/or move them around within the text! They always go to the top of the post and will not budge, no matter what I do!)

04 May 2010

Busy Schedule

The college at which I teach is finishing up a term in the next couple of weeks. I am teaching 5 DIFFERENT classes this term and the prep time and grading has driven me crazy. . .the logistics. . .sheesh. So I'm glad to be finishing up. I won't have as many classes next term. Although, that means less moolah. . .sheesh again.

Today is my niece's high school graduation in Denton. I'll probably grade physics research papers as we wait for her name to be called. I think there will be about 400 students walking across the stage.

Thursday I get to go to an extra meeting at work. Friday, lunch with my ex-sister-in-law whom I haven't talked to in quite some time.

Saturday, off to Abilene for my son's and daughter-in-law's college graduation while my brother house-sits yet again. (Trite but true--they DO grow up so fast.)

May 18, last day of term, my younger son's birthday, and my older son's wedding anniversary. Yes . . .they all occur on that actual day.

So. . . once I get through all that, it's OFF TO THE CABIN on the 19th for a semi-quick trip before the start of the new term.

Whew. . .I'll be glad to relax for a few day.

02 May 2010

Kudos To Ben In Texas

Bigfoot typing here....Ben in in TX,,,,here are some of the recycled boards you gave me from your barn..(thank you sir)....recycled as step stringers and also used some 2x12s as treads...doing the same thing at home in Aledo with some new deck steps...(no more cinder blocks). Planning to use more 2x10 boards as shelving for batteries at the cabin. (hope you can see it on your next trip down to TR...sorry I missed you last trip)

01 May 2010

Who Couldn't Love This Place ?

This is the snake Bigfoot saw while at the cabin. He sent the photo to an expert and was told that it's a "Central Texas Whip Snake." Not what I'd call 'Central Texas' but I guess he/she didn't read the book.
Cactus in bloom under an Ocotillo.

Terlingua sunset. Try to top that!

Just one of our awesome views from the cabin deck.

Our cabin. Home sweet home.

More lovely cactus.

The crown jewel . . . Ocotillo in Bloom.

Return of Bigfoot

Bigfoot returned safely on Wednesday from his trip to the cabin. He took lots of beautiful pictures of plants in bloom and a snake (not in bloom) (to be uploaded shortly). It's become quite a 'social scene' down there. He enjoyed meeting Buddy and Millie. And, as always, enjoyed visiting with Tffnguy. Bigfoot didn't get a chance to see John Wells during his trip--between relaxing and working a bit, time got away from him.

Back later with some pictures.

Outside is calling my name right now.