27 April 2010

Free Food

Last night on the national news there was a story (the 'feel good' story at the end) about a woman who is a 'couponing superstar.' She claims she only spends about 40 minutes per week clipping and organizing, etc.

So. . .the network follows her as she goes grocery shopping and buys $167.00 worth of food. After all the coupons were run through the computer, I was expecting some kind of awesomely low final bill- - -something like $48.00 or something.

Well. . .the final bill ended up being 42 CENTS! Let me repeat. . . 42 CENTS! I'll spell it . . .FORTY FRIGGIN' TWO CENTS!

Excuse my math, but that's a savings of 99.75%

I DO believe that I am now all about 'couponing.' I'm on the couponing bandwagon. I've had a life-changing experience. Couponing . . . .my new favorite past-time.

24 April 2010

Quick Trip to Abilene

Yesterday afternoon Jack (the pug) and I drove out to Abilene (leaving my brother to house-sit) to see my son in a play called Shakespeare in Hollywood. He continually makes me proud. The play was great fun.

I used to think Abilene was a long-ish drive. Now it seems so short, after driving out to the cabin so many times. When when we're coming back from the cabin we think of Abilene as 'almost home' as we drive through.

I plan to meet my son for breakfast and then head back home.

Shifting gears---I watched a documentary on PBS several nights ago that was based on the book 'Fast Food Nation.' Some of it was difficult (or impossible) for me to watch--when the cameras went inside of chicken 'farms' and cattle 'farms' and hog 'farms' and showed how these animals are raised and all the hormones and crap that is pumped into them to make them grow fast. Horrible living conditions, etc. etc. And so much more------Anyway, I've been a vegetarian in the past and I think I'm gonna go that route again. This is all stuff we've heard about and know about, but when you see the visuals it's powerful. I know Bigfoot is not going to go the veggie route, but no problem. As I said, I've done it before while the rest of the household ate as usual. It's not that difficult.

But...anyway...after seeing the documentary, I remembered that we, in fact, had a copy of the book, "Fast Food Nation." Bigfoot bought it about a year ago and I just never got around to reading it. You can bet that right now, as I type, it is sitting on the night stand next to me. I've read the first few chapters and I know it will be a very eye-opening read.

This all reminds me of a story that occurred several years ago. . . . I had been teaching a biology lab at TCU and we had been dissecting pigs all week. It's all very fascinating, but it really doesn't whet one's appetite for ham. So. . . I came home at the end of the week and my Ex had made pork-loin for dinner! Ugh! It was the LAST thing I wanted to see on my plate after looking at pig guts all week. I choked down a few bites and called it good----But, I swear, as I ate, it smelled like formaldehyde!

22 April 2010

Earth Day

Today was Earth Day. It was the day that I took my Earth Sciences class to the Science Museum. I think every school child from the age of 6-12 was at the museum, as well. Ugh! There were millions of them!

Bigfoot is at our cabin at Terlingua Ranch as I write this tonight (about 10:40). He arrived there at about 5:30. He called me a few minutes ago and all is well, but it's very windy there, apparently (nothing new). I'm glad we have the satellite phone. It gives us a little connection.

My brother is staying with me while Bigfoot is gone. I love hangin' with my bro. It's really nice because he can be here all day (another unfortunate laid-off person).

The plan for the cabin during this trip is to continue work on the electrical and to start some plumbing. The plumbing will be pretty simple since we will use a humanure toilet. We only have to have some running water in bathroom sink, shower, and kitchen sink. We have a large rain-water tank full of water. It's amazing how one feels RICH when one has water in that part of the country.

But I must say that, often, at the cabin plans go astray. I'll get to make a trip down there toward the end of May. Can't wait!

21 April 2010

Happy Happy Family

Here is our family. My big, strong, protective man and my ferocious guard dog.

20 April 2010

The Name We Must Not Speak

It's been an interesting week watching the drama in Iceland unfold. I like the idea that it reminds us humans that we are just little specks on this big earth. It reminds us that we are not in control. Even with as much technology as we have, we still have no control over things like hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanoes. And we have no idea how long this eruption could last. This could be just the beginning.

Tuesdays and Thursdays I work in the evening. Yipee! I'm not really a 'night person.' Unfortunately, neither are most of my students.

So I have most of the day to do my own thing. First, I'll head out for a 'power walk.' Maybe afterwards I'll do some housework---but let's not push it. . .

Later. . .

18 April 2010

A Former Life

I made the mistake of 'exploring' an old flash drive today. Unearthed lots of research and dissertation articles, photos, documents, charts, tables, maps, etc. This always makes me a bit sad. You see, I'm what they call ABD--which means 'All But Dissertation.' So that means I'm THAT close to being Littlefoot, PhD. I had to let that part of my life slide several years ago when my life went to hell in a handbasket. So close yet so far.

Of course, I have considered returning to finish my PhD. And I may yet do so. Right now it's not feasible. And the stress of writing a dissertation is probably not something I can handle right now (or possibly ever). Of course, Bigfoot has encouraged me to do so. We'll see....I'm kinda preferring my new, great life with him--just the way it is right now.

Dreary and cool. I've spent the day grading papers and planning classes (and napping). And Bigfoot and I have spent a few minutes following our usual blogs which, today, has been quite a surreal experience. I'll leave it at that.

17 April 2010

Felines and Canines

It's raining cats and dogs here! Started last night and has not stopped. Our rain-catchment tanks are full and spilling over. It's weird how one begins to think of all that overflow water as 'wasted.' But, of course, it's not.

Bigfoot is out in his 'man-cave' sipping his bourbon and coke and reading some 'gloom and doom.' He had a bit of cabin fever today and so is out there even though it's raining like crazy.

For those of you who are followers of The Field Lab, Bigfoot and I are the couple who had the honor of being married by Reverend John Wells as we all stood between 4 shipping containers and John used some scaffolding as his lectern. I carried a sprig of creosote and a sprig of 4-winged salt bush and some tissue paper flowers for my bouquet. It couldn't have been more perfect!

My First Post

OK. Here goes. I'm totally new at this, so bear with me. I've been contemplating starting a blog for awhile. After visiting Ben in Texas and listening to his encouragement, here I am.

We (Bigfoot and I) follow several of the 'Terlingua related' blogs and so I figured we need to officially join the group. Every morning, as we read our group of various blogs, we are vicariously enjoying Terlingua.

And that's the genesis of my post's name, My Dichotomous Life. I sometimes feel that I live in two worlds. By day (so-to-speak) I outfit myself in business clothes, make-up, and earrings. I grab my briefcase and spend my day attempting to impart a bit of knowledge to college 'kids.' And while I love my job, in the end it just holds me over until we can get back down to our cabin 20 miles north of Study Butte / Terlingua. That's where I morph into my alter-ego. I lose the fancy clothes--and wear the same jeans and shirt for 4 days. Certainly no make-up or uncomfortable shoes. No briefcase. And no students who often don't give a damn about what I am trying to teach them. Our food comes from cans and from a large ice chest rather than the local diner. I cook on a two-burner propane stove and in a fire pit. We fight bugs in the summer and bitter cold in the winter. But we enjoy it.

My Dichotomous Life applies in other ways, as well. But I'll save that for another time.

I'll share more about our life as we go along--some of it certainly hum-drum and boring. After all, that's what life is, right? Same ol' same ol' with little spurts of interesting stuff in between.

Enough for now. And welcome to my world!