25 March 2012

Sunday ride..2 miles in the golf cart

Caren, Jack and I took a little Sunday morning cruise in the golf cart today. Rolled down the highway to check out the RR repairs going on today. Not much traffic with the crossing shut down so wasn't too worried about golf carting on an FM road. Stopped by an old cemetery and Caren told me about her first boyfriend that came from a very disfunctional family, that was buried there. He had joined the military and soon afterwards did himself in..at 19 yrs old. Man, there ain't nothin' that bad to do that, but I've never been in someone's shoes that is down that far. (sorry for the dismal post, but that's what we did today..maybe too much info?)
This a little house , down the road from our place that someone bought a couple years ago, started to fix it up, then stopped. New roof, but everything else is pretty bad. Nice acre lot with big trees. This shot is from the rear looking to front.
This simple, clap-board, shotgun shack church has not been open for 4 or 5 yrs. We joined about 3 yrs ago. Looks like they keep it pretty secure. Someone does mow around it every month or two. I had a better pic of it, but after I rotated it..it disappeared.! WTF?
Tiny thru-wall AC in a big ol'church..may not be too much of the fire and brimstone inside?
Here's the view as we approached the RR crossing repairs. They did this a couple of years ago, but it doesn't seem to hold up for very long on this FM road. Shut down all day today.
I need to get down to Lowes and get some RoundUp....or crank up the weed-eater.
When's the last time I had to use Round-Up in MARCH..?? Dang it's like late May weed wise.!
That's all folks!

19 March 2012

update...re:nanny state..with pics now

Caren cannot sit still and chill for more than a couple of weeks...so she had to go out and find a temp gig .....as a Nanny to some well-to-do, 30-something, Fort Worth atty couple.

After Day One all seems perfect....and we hope that continues.

We had a big rain/thunderstorm event move in this evening here....kinda like something that would normally occur in May...but it's only mid March....guess we'll have 100 degree temps in May....or that's what I read online somewhere.

Still raining and distant thunder now and then at nearly 9 PM tonite.

I got home early tonite and battened down my JUNK.....put some heavy metal on the corregated tin scraps, tied off the salvaged window screens, secured the tarp over the scavenged church-bus van seats, etc. Yesterday I finished up the gutter system at the add-on Packard shack lean too roof.

Also....I've been looking at up-grade golf cart stuff for kinda biggie-sized wheels and tires....and a lift kit...to improve the cart for future Terlingua Desert use. And I had been thinking, wondering if a 12" 4 bolt, standard Harbor Freight trailer tire-wheel would fit....so tried it and it did fit.!!...and is nearly 2" taller diameter, but very sknny... compared to the old reg golf cart tire/wheel. Didn't try it on the rear wheel yet.

I was pressed for time so only did one front wheel set up.....and it seemed fine. Narrow tread footprint is not good for soft ground and mud...but good on dry gravel and rocky terrain....IMHO.

I still want to do a Jake's 6" Long-travel lift kit (US made)....but it's damn pricey at $700 for the kit, and my son says we can make one identical to it with his tools and skills. Down in Bryan, TX.. some weekend. So we'll see. Time -wise,with my having to devote my Mon-Sat life to "da man"....I don't have much time beyond the wknds for MY STUFF.
Here is a flying saucer that I got from the roof of an old boiler room at the jobsite...about 48" in diam....may make a good WiFi catcher for the cabin with the help of our good neighbor"Tffnguy".
This is a partial pile of iron porch columns from the jobsite. About 7' plus tall and weigh about 80 lbs....guessing.??

Damn near run outta salvaged items to nab from the jobsite. But I have a stack of 36" metal entry doors with jambs and door hdw with keys. Ran an ad on craigslist...no callers yet...guess I oughta post pics....haven't yet.

Pics are working with Blogger now...but now can't find the memory chip with the golf cart tire experiment.