31 March 2011

Border patrol...Backscatter X-ray pics in action

pics from cell phone....not the greatest quality here

They slowly drive down both sides of your vehicle with this big-assed 1.5 ton Ford crew cab with 3-4 govt monkeys inside looking at screens of everything in your car.

They insisted on getting access into the trunk for something "suspicious"...it was a half a loaf of wheat bread.!!!

Funny thing is...the guard guy noticed we were taking a cellphone pic...and rushed up saying.."no pics please"...we said "Why?"....he said the cell pics "could interfere with the x-ray"....How in the hell could a camera which simply records LIGHT images and colors bouncing off a subject "interfer" with this mega powered, big govt, Hi-Tech, military, terrorist-thwarting machine, that has been designed to work against ALL odds???

Ain't it funny how any and all forms of "cops" despise and try to disallow any recording of what they are doing in the plain light of day towards you???

But they have high tech/high cost cams on most patrol cars to record YOU whenever they stop you....but you cannot record THEM possibly mis-behaving for use as YOUR court proof??? (Public Servants??....everything has flip flopped in today's world)

There are alot of good cops....but more and more "not so good" cops these days it seems....and they are all ALWAYS "right and honest" in every courtroom....right?

"THEY" all have cameras trained on "us".....but we can't photo "them"....very strange they way things have evolved over the last few years (all since 2001) since the "terrorists" are around every corner...ready to cripple the CorpGovt US?

We can thank HomeLand Security and ALL politicians for this new way of living for all decent & regular law abiding citizens.
Now I'll probably get on the "watch list" now with the govt for posting this....but facts is facts, maam.

Rant over.....(we have 4 fresh kittens ready for delivery soon)


30 March 2011

Quick cabin trip.&.zapped by the Border Patrol X-RAY

Pics from the last 2 trips to Brewster Co during March. Sunset over Agua Fria Mtn
The front porch (with plenty of lumber clutter)
Caren painting the bedroom...just OSB w/ Kilz oil primer, and then latex final coat.
Caren and her folks down for their first cabin visit (he's from upstate NY)
Pic of some distant and sparse rain a couple weeks ago to the SW. (never hit us)

We made another trip back last Friday for a short 3 day visit, mainly to get Caren's car from the Alpine mechanic with the rebuilt tranny, but also to spend some more time in this wonderful part of the world.

Weather was perfect with 55-60 degree mornings, and 85 highs...some breeze and at times windy (normal stuff, huh?)

Got to see David Tffnguy, John W. TFL, spent some time at the legion,etc.

Caren painted like a fiend, and I got a little more OSB installed.

I pulled a smallish trailer down behind the towncar to get some OSB from Alpine (McCoys)...did not bring it back, so now I have 2 small trailers sitting at the cabin now.

Big news is we were "chosen" at the border patrol checkpoint to assist with their "training" with the backscatter X-Ray truck. They asked a few more questions than usual, then asked if we would pull up to the side of the waiting X-ray truck and step out while they checked it. We did so and they stopped Caren from taking any pics with her cell phone (It might "mess up the X-ray efforts" said the guard....BS!)

She snapped a couple anyway and once we figure out how to get the images off her phone and onto the internet I'll post same. After the X-ray session they wanted to get into the trunk to check out something that looked "suspect". They checked and decided our half a loaf of wheat bread was okay. Had 2 pistolas in the car, but nothing was said about them (not illegal).

After about a 10 minute delay we were on our way. (I hate this creeping Big Brother Govt invasion of our privacy, and we ain't seen nothin' yet)

Not sure which is worse...getting zapped by the Border Patrol's new high tech, military-industro toys, or body surfing at Fukushima.

Picked up Caren's car at the mechanic's in Alpine and after being told she had a tread splitting we stopped at the only tire store in town and bought a new Michelin...only one in stock. Another $145 spent after $750 at the mech shop for the tranny swap. (Jeeze...I'm gonna hafta sell a Packard soon)

Heading back to DFW area, the temps around Big Spring and Sweetwater dropped off to mid-high 40's with north wind, under thick clouds and fine misty drizzle. I had to turn on the heater since I was in short sleeves and shorts. It was 74 when we left Alpine that morning...and sunny.

Home now to 2 pregnant previously feral kittens we befriended here last winter. Anybody want a kitten??? or three?