06 November 2013

Happy Birthday, Bigfoot!

Bigfoot's birthday was in late October. Here he is wearing his birthday present from me (He is my Captain America) and being his normal silly self. And those of you who know him know that the beverage in his hand is the usual bourbon and Coke.

05 November 2013

Dogs and Pigs

Overdue for a post, I suppose.

A few weeks ago, as I was out with Jack on his morning walk, I was viciously attacked by a German Shepherd. Actually, I'm being overly dramatic just to get your attention. However, I WAS bitten by a German Shepherd!

Long story short--It was a neighbor's dog that was fairly new and had not learned to stay in his yard. The yard is fenced with barbed wire, so it's simple enough for all of their dogs to come right under the fence. This particular dog had been barky and aggressive on previous days, but had never come through the fence (although his cohort had).

On this particular day, for whatever reason, he came on through and bit me on the hip. He ripped both my sweater and pants. The neighbors came out and apologized profusely, of course. They offered to take me to the doctor or to treat my wound, but I told them that I could do that if it was necessary.

I was pretty shaken up, so I told them to just let me calm down and think about what I would need them to do.

I had to treat myself and go to work. Very painful for a few days.

The neighbors came over that evening and, again, apologized and asked what they needed to do. I told them that I would ask them to replace my ripped clothes, pay for any doctor bills, and to make sure that it (the dog bite) never happens again.

The dogs have been kept in the backyard since then (a yard with privacy fencing) and are only allowed out under strict supervision.

On to other things:

Jack and I have a semi-regular morning walking companion.

Yes. A pig! She comes out of the brush when we get to the end of our dead-end road and follows us ALL THE WAY back home. Constant little snorting sounds all the way. She, apparently, is a pet of one of our neighbors and is able to find her way home with no problem.

13 July 2013

Cone-Nosed Beetle and My Boys

When Bigfoot and I returned from our trip, this is what I found in my clothes bag.

The Dreaded Cone-Nosed Beetle

I and my mom are making a trip to Austin today to see my son, Ben, in the lead role of Night Must Fall. He's a very successful actor in the area and I'm very proud of him. We'll also get to see my other son, Bruce, who is a chef at a local Austin country club.

If you knew me (I'm all about science and nature), you'd wonder how in the hell I ended up with an actor and a chef for my offspring. I wonder about it all the time. But it just goes to show that "you never know." And, needless to say, I am VERY proud of both of my young men, and so very happy that they have "followed their dreams" (trite but true) and done what they wanted to do and have been successful at it.

David--So glad to see that pad for your fridge. Yea!

08 July 2013

Back To the Rat Race

Bigfoot and I enjoyed a quick trip to our place out north of Terlingua for the 4th of July. We picked up David from Odessa on our way through.and deposited him back at his cabin. Thank goodness that (hard-headed) man is doing so much better.

Returned yesterday to a donkey that had gotten into extra grain and eaten herself into a major stomach ache. So we had to keep an eye on her to make sure she didn't get colic. As of this morning, she seems to be doing well. I kept her in the backyard last night. And she has left "proof" that her digestive tract is not impacted (my biggest worry).

Back to work today for both Bigfoot and me. Yuck. But it DOES pay the bills. Not sure when we'll get back out to our place on Big Bend Ranch. I don't like to 'wish away' time because it goes by so quickly anyway, but I know we will both be glad when that magic retirement age comes around for Bigfoot. Still a few years away.

05 April 2013

Hey there!!

Surprises never cease! I'm writing a post! I go back and forth on if I even want to continue blogging because I'm so crappy about doing it consistantly. I'm a terrible procrastinator and also work full time, so I guess that's my excuse.

One of our baby sheep was attacked and killed by a coyote about 1 1/2 weeks ago (No chance to save him from the jaws of death like I was able to do for Jack). So we promptly bought a 'guard donkey' for the rest of them but are still getting donkey/sheep acclimated to each other. She is a 'mammoth' donkey. As the name would imply, she's big. Not like a cute little donkey, but more like a horse with really big ears. Her 'hee haw' (if you can even call it that) is like nothing you've ever heard. I love it! Mostly because I KNOW it drives our 'favorite' neighbors crazy and there's not a damn thing they can do about it! (Pictures forthcoming).

After the lamb was killed, the rest of the 'herd' was very scared and skittish. We have been keeping them in the back yard. We had some nice weather and left doors open and here's what we ended up with!
Is that awesome or what!? (I know not everyone would think so, but I think it's hilarious).

The baby (We named him Lucky--for obvious reasons) now 'scuffs' at the backdoor because he wants in!

Bigfoot started a new job a few weeks ago (We sure wish money grew on trees). So our life is all topsy turvy. Get up a 5 a.m., drive to Dallas, work for 'the man', drive home, eat dinner, watch an hour or so of TV, go to bed, rinse, repeat. Yuk! BIG BEND TAKE US AWAY!!!