29 May 2011

TOO BIG TO FAIL?...or too big to FALL?

a garden gate pic from the deck...see the large "cowboy toilet paper" plant?...might come in handy some day.
This is a shot up at the funkadelic clouds from the big rain storms that moved through the DFW area a few days ago...we didn't get much as most of it went around our place.
And just today, I was sittin' on the back porch chattin' with the wife...and thinking in the back of my head "are these old heavy duty porch metal chairs designed for 330 lbs of humanity?"....and beginning to make ever so slight rocking motions while talking....WHAM down I went...split wine and all.!! ( I told Caren to go grab the camera and record this earth shaking event)

Is this as Sling Blade said..."you mean funny ha ha...or funny queer?".....me thinks funny HAHAHA...hardee har har...(enjoy)

27 May 2011

Surprise!! It's Littlefoot!

Littefoot here. . .Here I am during our last trip--staring in awe and wonder at one of my new kitchen cabinets. This was a milestone (for me) in our cabin construction--to be able to move the kitchen area of the cabin into the actual kitchen area! There was much rejoicing and drinking of wine!

Here's Bigfoot caught in the act------of working!

Underfoot, being a pug, is at a great disadvantage when it comes to cooling himself off by cooling the air in his nasal passages (since he has none). So a towel soaked in melted ice water is one of his favorite things on a hot day. (And he told me he likes the pretty colors too. It makes him look like Chinese royalty)

Just a funny photo to give you an idea of where the Foot family's names come from. The shoes on the left are mine--just in case you weren't sure : )

We're hoping to get back to the cabin aroun mid-June and stay for a week or so.

Bigfoot's garden is ready to pop about a million tomatoes all on the same day. We're looking forward to tomato salads every day for about a week.

I'm starting to get into job-hunting mode for the fall. Trying to get something near the cabin, but we'll see.

22 May 2011

Since no one liked my last post....try this one!!

MAY trip highlights...!!

Okay...no one even hardly commented on that last VERY funny blog....(maybe it was the goofy puke-pic?...we are all SOOOOOO politically correct these days)

Just returned from a week long trip to the great SW desert. Weather was great, cool breezy morns at around 55-60 each day, sipping coffee on the porch...and afternoons up into the mid 90's most days...but MOST of the time there was a nice breeze..OR an ass-kickin wind.

Got to see Julianne for a bit, and the Legion Sequor crew with new brother (another transplanted Yankee...but a great guy), Tffnguy and I made a trip to Alpine, saw Elvis..(J.Wells) at McCoys for a minute, had brunch at the place with James and Don B....and got to see the very elusive and desired OGT (aka Nick) at the Legion for a short visit at the Legion.

Saw some wildfires off to the east of Hwy 67 between Ft Stockton and Alpine on the way into town.

Got some plumbing work done for water piping inside.

Got a pic of a cone-nosed bettle that sauntered out from under the threshold one afternoon...(then we kilt him dead with some RAID)

And hauled the 12 volt frig down from storage in Alpine (with Tffnguy's generous help)

At home here west of FTW we arived to tall green grass, leafy brushy stuff, and very humid weather, a far cry from the dry breezy temps of south Brewster Co.
(I just now had to go outside and connect the rain tank I use for the garden, as another storm is moving in from the west right now)

Caren has a pot of pinto beans in the slow cooker, and a spiral sliced, honey glazed ham out of the oven now. (You can pic these hams up at the local grocery for $10-13 each right after NewYears...all you can fit in the freezer...and DAMN they are tasty)

We will be heading back west in a couple of weeks for at least a week...maybe two...if the HOT weather doesn't run us off. But as long as you stay in the shade, take it slow (I'm great at this), keep a water mister bottle nearby, and have a small 12V fan to blow across the bed at night....it ain't that bad.

05 May 2011

Dismally boring update....

BF again here..

let's see what's new?

  • garden coming along well (after 4" rain a few days ago)

  • still chilly up here in north TX....gorgeous weather every day lately.

  • we left the camera at the cabin last trip..(oops)

  • The old F250 has "issues".....big, back-kicking deep engine "clunk" when I tried to start last week....not good.

  • changed oil in the towncar yesterday and cleaned and oiled the K&N air filter.

  • kittens out the ying yang around here...think there is another batch in the '49 packard used to store junk in now.

  • My son took the "test" and got his HVAC Contractor's License last week. Passed with one try and made an 88 on this 4 hour long test.

  • headed back to the South Brewster Co next week for a few days...only 520 miles one way...and 8 hours if you go the speed limit and don't dawdle.

  • I really oughta drag my lazy tail outside today and mow some weeds down...if not... there will be a goat herder's feeding frenzy festival here upon our return.

  • Oh...and about that pic....stumbled across that the other day and, in my weird sense of sopho-moronic humor....it made me chuckle....maybe it'll make you chuckle too...(or upchuck)

    (I never have liked roller coasters.)

see...toldya it was dismal.