26 April 2012

More Baaaaa News

Our sheep (Lizzie and Clyde) came up into the back yard this morning. I almost managed to get them on the deck. They're very curious, but will only let me get within about 6 feet of them. But this morning, as Underfoot (Jack the Pug) and I took our morning stroll, they followed us into the back yard, so I managed to get these photos.

25 April 2012

Garden Update

Our garden is looking very nice so far this year. We've got tomatoes, squash, peppers, spinach, onions, a few peas, etc. Some of the squash and the tomatoes are almost ready to harvest.

23 April 2012

Lovin' It!

I love my new job! I think Bigfoot mentioned this in an earlier post. The photo shows my work environment and the great little guy I'm nanny to. Sofa, wi-fi, cable, afternoon strolls with baby, trips to museum, trips to zoo. NO STRESS. Who could ask for more?

I work for an attorney and this is one of the rooms in her new building--set up especially for the baby. She gets to pop in and out all day and visit, so she has a great set-up.


Clyde and Lizzie
We added more mouths to feed to our menagerie. We now have two Barbado Sheep. Clyde is a young ram and Lizzie is an expectant mother (due in about 3 months). I agreed to get them--in fact, wanted to get them--as long as they are pets and not potential dinner. Bill and Jackie have built a sheep shed for protection. These cute little creatures are very curious, but still a little scared of us. We're working on that.

The Alchemist

My son, Ben, and his wonderful wife Bethany . . . after the performance of The Alchemist.
After the performance.

The Curtain Theatre
The Curtain Theatre

My mother and I drove to Austin on Saturday to watch my son, Ben, in his latest performance. He has a supporting role in The Alchemist (by Ben Jonson--a contemporary of Shakespeare). The performance was in a beautiful wooded area in a structure built as a (semi-) reconstruction of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.
The weather was beautiful and the play was lots of fun. And, of course, Ben was the best!