11 April 2011

"wasted days and wasted nights"....

Bigfoot here...yes..AGAIN.! partial group of our trash bottle collection...(I was gonna haul them to the Legion, but they are way too clean for that!) We have about 30 of each...giving them away on Craigslist finally.
And this looks like a giant peice of "Bit-O-Honey"....but it's really a skinned 40 gal hot water heater from my sis' house....after I peel off all the insulation foam it's another candidate for a solar batch water heater
Here's the garden so far...after last year's very dismal crop I'm just not too excited about gardening anymore.....just a few peppers, cukes and 'maters so far...and a couple weeds.
This is a native wild plant called "Cowboy's toilet paper" that came up this spring in the garden area.... have not tried it out (yet)
And a few tomatoes...already blooming after last night's 1.5" heavy rains here west of FTW

I've been rolling the idea around in my empty head for some time...that I really oughta build a carport for the twin Packards...one is under the carport now, and the "keeper" is sitting under a canvas tarp out in the open. Just a simple 20x20' simple structure would do...and I think I have enough recycled 2x10s and 4x4 posts to do it...might have to buy some tin for the roof. (I better get going on this soonly..cause once it gets HOT I ain't gonna drag my rather obtuse and large-framed ass outside to do anything much) .......I just gotta figure out where to situate it on my piece o' dirt here. I'd really love to sell the black 1949 Packard...!

One of the feral teenage cats dropped 4 kittens a couple weeks ago...Now the other "momma to be" should be squirting hers out any day I'm guessing....(gotta find a burlap sack)

My DIY recycled/re-purposed/greenyfied birdbath dealio...(can't see the water in pic)

Looks like another TR trip at the end of the month...only for a few days, like last trip.

Caren's Lexus tranny is doing fine.

Been sunny, cool and very breezy here today after storms and rain last night.

I got a book on Amazon lately.."Build your own earth oven"...that might be useful down at TR for an outdoor cooking appliance....Seems fairly simple to build, very cheap, and supposed to work wonderfully for breads, pizza, and also meats.

Only drawback .. you need to have some firewood to heat it up for cooking....that stuff ain't so plentiful out west.

OKAY...enough blathering on here.