19 November 2012

Cabin . . . Here We Come!!

Finally! The time has come for our "extended" cabin trip! Yea!

The plan for the day is to get our shit together and be ready to leave in the morning (Tuesday). We've scaled back our thinking as far as what to take because we have to return to DFW area in a week for various reasons. So we are taking only one vehicle this time (the van) and then on the next trip we'll take more. My brother, as usual, will house sit and take care of our sheep and cats.

I've been working all morning--cleaning, laundry, cooking, packing, etc. Now am taking a bit of a break.

Bigfoot had to go to the jobsite one more time this morning just to wrap up a few loose ends. It shouldn't take too long (although he's still gone at 1:30).

We're so excited! We might well freeze our asses off at night, but we love it, nonetheless! You can't beat sitting on the deck, wrapped in a sub-zero sleeping bag, sipping morning coffee, and enjoying the absolutely awesome view---with nothing that really HAS to be done.