31 March 2011

Border patrol...Backscatter X-ray pics in action

pics from cell phone....not the greatest quality here

They slowly drive down both sides of your vehicle with this big-assed 1.5 ton Ford crew cab with 3-4 govt monkeys inside looking at screens of everything in your car.

They insisted on getting access into the trunk for something "suspicious"...it was a half a loaf of wheat bread.!!!

Funny thing is...the guard guy noticed we were taking a cellphone pic...and rushed up saying.."no pics please"...we said "Why?"....he said the cell pics "could interfere with the x-ray"....How in the hell could a camera which simply records LIGHT images and colors bouncing off a subject "interfer" with this mega powered, big govt, Hi-Tech, military, terrorist-thwarting machine, that has been designed to work against ALL odds???

Ain't it funny how any and all forms of "cops" despise and try to disallow any recording of what they are doing in the plain light of day towards you???

But they have high tech/high cost cams on most patrol cars to record YOU whenever they stop you....but you cannot record THEM possibly mis-behaving for use as YOUR court proof??? (Public Servants??....everything has flip flopped in today's world)

There are alot of good cops....but more and more "not so good" cops these days it seems....and they are all ALWAYS "right and honest" in every courtroom....right?

"THEY" all have cameras trained on "us".....but we can't photo "them"....very strange they way things have evolved over the last few years (all since 2001) since the "terrorists" are around every corner...ready to cripple the CorpGovt US?

We can thank HomeLand Security and ALL politicians for this new way of living for all decent & regular law abiding citizens.
Now I'll probably get on the "watch list" now with the govt for posting this....but facts is facts, maam.

Rant over.....(we have 4 fresh kittens ready for delivery soon)



frann said...

Give them hell. There is a fifty mile zone along all borders and coasts that is a constitution free zone...I am not kidding. I would love to have my heabus corpus back.

tffnguy said...

Thanks for the pictures. At least now we know they aren't xraying people (unless they happen to be hiding in a vehicle) I have a feeling that wasn't the way they were doing it to start with though.

lou said...

I'll remember to always carry a couple loaves of bread in the trunk. Just for the interaction with another human in this lonely country of west Texas. I also might get a dash cam for my car:)