26 February 2012

recycled lumber etc

Here's my recently purchased '97 E250 cargo van I got just to haul stuff from the jobsite. Alot of good stuff going into the land fill from there. This van only has 52K miles but gets 13mpg...so won't be driving it often, as the Ol' towncar gets 22mpg.
10' long stick of angle iron....and many more to nab if I stay alert...but heavy. Old phone booth wall mounted box...aluminum I think.
old 1964 end stud....and new Temple Eastex stud.
I made a Saturday trip to the jobsite and wished I had a couple of younger helpers to pick up some of the dumpster lumber. I really hate to see all this old 1964 era lumber hauled to the landfill. But that's what's been going on for the last few weeks here.
I pulled a few old studs out of a full roll-off container, and found an old 10' long 4x5" iron brick window lintel that the scrappers had left behind, and loaded it ....afterwards I huffed and puffed and thought....maybe I need to get some help to load these? I can get several if I remind the brick demo crews to "save" a few for me instead of scrapping them all.

Well I have a pic of the saved old 2x4s...and the steel lintel...and the old Bell telephone payphone wall-booth thing....that had been abandoned on the project.
AND a pic of a modern stud-grade end grain versus an old '64 stud end grain....before the modern Monsanto-big corp method of growing pine trees like Johnson grass for cheap, high profit, fast growth lumber harvesting during the huge 15 yr Govt enabled housing boom.
Thats all for now..

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MsBelinda said...

It is great that you are saving that old lumber from going to the landfill.

I also like your new (to you) van...darn wish the transmission did not cost so much to replace in mine. Vans sure are useful even though they drink up a lot of gas.