25 March 2012

Sunday ride..2 miles in the golf cart

Caren, Jack and I took a little Sunday morning cruise in the golf cart today. Rolled down the highway to check out the RR repairs going on today. Not much traffic with the crossing shut down so wasn't too worried about golf carting on an FM road. Stopped by an old cemetery and Caren told me about her first boyfriend that came from a very disfunctional family, that was buried there. He had joined the military and soon afterwards did himself in..at 19 yrs old. Man, there ain't nothin' that bad to do that, but I've never been in someone's shoes that is down that far. (sorry for the dismal post, but that's what we did today..maybe too much info?)
This a little house , down the road from our place that someone bought a couple years ago, started to fix it up, then stopped. New roof, but everything else is pretty bad. Nice acre lot with big trees. This shot is from the rear looking to front.
This simple, clap-board, shotgun shack church has not been open for 4 or 5 yrs. We joined about 3 yrs ago. Looks like they keep it pretty secure. Someone does mow around it every month or two. I had a better pic of it, but after I rotated it..it disappeared.! WTF?
Tiny thru-wall AC in a big ol'church..may not be too much of the fire and brimstone inside?
Here's the view as we approached the RR crossing repairs. They did this a couple of years ago, but it doesn't seem to hold up for very long on this FM road. Shut down all day today.
I need to get down to Lowes and get some RoundUp....or crank up the weed-eater.
When's the last time I had to use Round-Up in MARCH..?? Dang it's like late May weed wise.!
That's all folks!


Oldfool said...

I can't believe you are still using "agent orange".

Anonymous said...

it's either spray or weed-eat and mow...and I have so much "junk" it's near impossible to weed eat around and between it all. Just trying to get ahead before it takes completely over.

jandean said...
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jandean said...

sorry, had a snark attack before...
hope you reconsider using the toxic crap and maybe just embrace the wildness or put somebody to work weed whacking/pulling and pay them in veggies or kitty cats :)

jandean said...

Oh, and I found this on a gardening forum. It may be helpful-
Question: I have a partial bottle of Roundup in my garage that my husband bought a few years ago. I keep leaving it sit there because I have no idea how to dispose of it where it won't do harm. Any suggestions?

First relabel it as "Enema Bag Solution", then send it to Tom Vilsack at the USDA!

tffnguy said...

cool ride on the cart.

Abby said...

Hey, hope y'all are ok. Just read about the tornadoes.