23 April 2012


Clyde and Lizzie
We added more mouths to feed to our menagerie. We now have two Barbado Sheep. Clyde is a young ram and Lizzie is an expectant mother (due in about 3 months). I agreed to get them--in fact, wanted to get them--as long as they are pets and not potential dinner. Bill and Jackie have built a sheep shed for protection. These cute little creatures are very curious, but still a little scared of us. We're working on that.


bigfoot said...

mutton marinaded with that green label Worchsteshurer (sp)...mighty tasty.!!

or "lamb on a stick"?


Bigfoot and Littlefoot said...

Hey, Hubby!

Lay off them lambs!


jandean said...

Now you're talkin'! Let critters be your weed control. They will recycle it in the best way possible. Sweet!