05 November 2013

Dogs and Pigs

Overdue for a post, I suppose.

A few weeks ago, as I was out with Jack on his morning walk, I was viciously attacked by a German Shepherd. Actually, I'm being overly dramatic just to get your attention. However, I WAS bitten by a German Shepherd!

Long story short--It was a neighbor's dog that was fairly new and had not learned to stay in his yard. The yard is fenced with barbed wire, so it's simple enough for all of their dogs to come right under the fence. This particular dog had been barky and aggressive on previous days, but had never come through the fence (although his cohort had).

On this particular day, for whatever reason, he came on through and bit me on the hip. He ripped both my sweater and pants. The neighbors came out and apologized profusely, of course. They offered to take me to the doctor or to treat my wound, but I told them that I could do that if it was necessary.

I was pretty shaken up, so I told them to just let me calm down and think about what I would need them to do.

I had to treat myself and go to work. Very painful for a few days.

The neighbors came over that evening and, again, apologized and asked what they needed to do. I told them that I would ask them to replace my ripped clothes, pay for any doctor bills, and to make sure that it (the dog bite) never happens again.

The dogs have been kept in the backyard since then (a yard with privacy fencing) and are only allowed out under strict supervision.

On to other things:

Jack and I have a semi-regular morning walking companion.

Yes. A pig! She comes out of the brush when we get to the end of our dead-end road and follows us ALL THE WAY back home. Constant little snorting sounds all the way. She, apparently, is a pet of one of our neighbors and is able to find her way home with no problem.

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Anonymous said...

You’ve been attacked by a German Shepherd? That’s terrible! Dog bites can be very dangerous to your health. It’s a good thing your neighbor was around when it happened. Also, they’re very cooperative in paying off your medical bills and everything you needed. It’s a huge relief on your side. I hope you’re feeling better now!
Cheryl @ CWCLawFirm.com