05 June 2010

Child Protective Services

If this blog was a child, CPS would have already come and taken it away from me for 'abandonment.' I'll try to do better.

Let's look at some picture from our last Cabin Trip.

Me petting a very large millipede--He/she quickly retreated under the deck.

Enjoying some conversation with JW--CEO of The Field Lab.

A view of my 'temporary' kitchen area.

Me hard at work preparing 'brunch.' Tffnguy to join us on this particular morning.

Here is our dog, Jack. We discovered that placing cool, wet towels on him during the heat of the day is an effective method of keeping him from overheating. He loved it--no complaints at all.

More later. . .


Ben in Texas said...

Was beginning to worry bout ya'll .. Thanks for the update AND the pictures.

Littlefoot said...

We're still alive and kickin' and already trying to fit another quick trip to the cabin in before the middle of July.

jandean said...

You PET the millipede? I am in (even more) awe of you! Great pics.

MsBelinda said...

Thanks for the pics. I really liked the one of your dog :-)

tffnguy said...

Look forward to seeing you'll again in July. Any dates set yet?