12 June 2010

Same Old, Same Old

Not a lot going on. We're watching our garden grow and starting to see some fruits of Bigfoot's labor (I haven't been too involved this year except to go out and ooh and aah).

More pictures from our last cabin trip.

Our cabin will be fairly 'rustic' inside with a few splashes of color. What you see is me refurbishing an antique medicine cabinet. This is what happens when Bigfoot finds a good deal on paint--You never know what color we'll end up with--I'm calling this particular color 'Ocotillo Red.'

I am going to take advantage of ANY places I can find extra storage area (no matter how small).

And this is what happens when I have the paint open and Bigfoot (after a few 'adult beverages') decides that our yard art needs some 'sprucing up.'
You've heard of 'painting the town red.' I had to put my foot down lest our entire cabin end up red. There are several other objects around the place that are now extremely red.

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