07 August 2010

same ol' same ol'......and just plain HOT

Bigfoot here again (I'm really not taking over this blog).

Nothing new to report from the home place here west of Cowtown. Been getting up into the mid and upper 100's here in the shade lately and the AC has been working hard to keep it mildly comfy in the casa. So in a moment of Brilliance along with savvy innovation I came up with a way to help the energy bills.

SHADE...is the key (just like in Terlingua)

What you see is the west facing wall that gets full sun from around 2pm to 7-8 in the evening. Used to have a couple of nice red oaks on that side but "oak wilt" got 'em both a few years ago, so they got whacked.

Also some pics of a Toyota 4 Runner I'm going to sell on craigslist for $900 (no title..but runs and drives good)

And a couple of late 40's Packards.....gonna sell the black one and keep the tan one (black is too hot for desert life...and the tan is Bentonite Tan..good camo for desert hiding)

Gotta get the black one to start....new starter turns over good...maybe need fresh gas since it hasn't run since I parked it 3 yrs ago.

We are still hanging around up here waiting for my youngest brother to get the call from Baylor when they find a fresh liver for him...but he's on "the list" and is 2nd in line behind a worse off feller....so I think it will be fairly soon. He hopes to get back to work at Lockheed after the surgery ASAP. Probably no cabin trip until Sept it seems....but at least all the hot days will be gone in the High Cheewawaan Desert then.

The garden has pretty much gone to hell....I water it, and it's mostly still growing...but nothing is produ cing except the dang okra. Watermelons start to make...get as big as a ping pong ball,,,then slowy stop growing, and eventually die off. Last year's garden was much better, but last June was very rainy and it didn't get nearly as hot (Thanks Al G. !!)

OK.....that's all I can think of for now.

Y'all un's take care.....


tffnguy said...

Bigfoot, that 4 Runner would be ideal down here and a standby vehicle after heavy rain! Sure you want to sell it?

Like the old Packards, but then I just like old cars period. ;)

Welp... I guess its back to the whiskey for me. Wish you'll were here.

Anonymous said...

tffnguy..mixed emotions on the 4runner, but could use the cash. The Obamabucs will run out in Nov.

I'd haul it down there to stay, but have to worry about rats/mice eating the wires,etc.

I'll have a whiskey later today in your honor. Wish we were down there too.


Anonymous said...

hey big, whats up with the Title to it? I could be interested.

tffnguy said...

Bigfoot, are you'll planning to come down for Labor Day weekend? If so let me invite you'll to brunch for a change? I mentioned it to JustMe and she said to let her know and she would bring the fixings down from Midland with her and join us here. James would also be welcome to come. I assume Nick will be gone by then, but if not then he'd also be welcome. Any of the other bloggers going to be down here then?