01 September 2010

SEPT 1, 2010.......is summer ever going to end?

Bigfoot standing in (again) here....

let's see..here's what's new in our world:

Brother is out of hospital with a new liver, and doing well so far. I have to haul him to Baylor Dallas twice a week for checkups, educational classes,etc.

I found a very dead road runner bird in our Walmart pool. He hopped in for a drink I guess, and with nothing to climb out on, he wore himself out swimming around, and we never noticed it until too late.

Caren started classes again for the fall semester at the nearby college (general Biology class and Zoology class).

I finally opened up a large Aluminet tarp I bought off craigslist about a year ago...and it's HUGE at 40' x 32'...but does not have edging tape band.

And we are making a trip to the cabin this Friday, but heading back Labor Day. Short trip but we can't wait to go. Tffnguy is having a little Sunday brunch and we are invited. (good to have good friends near the cabin)

Will post some cabin pics when we return from the trip.

Take care all..!!!

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tffnguy said...

Will be good to have you'll down this way again. I hope the weather cooperates for the brunch, but I should have this place cleaned up good enough that we could all crowd in here in case of bad weather.

You'll have a safe trip!