19 December 2010


Prepping for the trip out west/south....next week.
Not gonna haul anything large behind the Old Towncar this time....tranny was acting weird last big trailer haul out there....but fine w/o load.

Gonna take the baby-bear trailer....so small you can't even see it, and backing it up means an instantaneous JACK-KNIFE situation. Easier to unhook and push/pull it around by hand.

It was a $165 Harbor Freight special I bought back in the days when I had more money than sense....now I'm merely sensless. Sweet little kit trailer, but too small for anything bigger than my shoes.

Trying to maintain the back seat of the Towncar open and clear for Caren's nappytime on the way down. Nephew Joe will be onhand for the heavy lifting and actual work items at the TR place. AND Nephew Joe just got his drivers license and can spell me for some of that 8 hour one way cruise to TR Land.....yeehaaa.!!
Once I get this little Rubic's Cube loading deal figured out....I'll try to post a pic since inquiring minds may want to know....OR ..NOT.!
dang...lookat what time it is....nearly Whiskey time on this Sunday afternoon.


Abby said...

What a cute trailer!

tffnguy said...

Bill, I sure need an email from you. Had another computer crash and I'm getting mail on a used computer I bought from Robert. I need to get in touch with you by Wednesday evening!