21 January 2011

"thinking without brains"

Pic 1...My 17 yr old Nephew Joe...and Legion buddy "Dale"....(Dale kicked butt here)
Pic 2...a pantry with a view....temp cabinet...via a window behind it.
Pic 3...wind gen POLE is up and guy wires set.....now gotta git the 50 lbs windgen attached and up...(next trip?)
Pic 4...."thinking without brain"...
Seems the chrome Dome....did not work....I wore it for a good while...and found out I was still a total & complete DUMBASS.!! (big surprise huh?)

Around here...I replaced the old twisted off speedometer cable on the old F250....with a generic chevy version (Ford no longer makes or stocks the orig)...and it WORKS!

Been driving the old '85 Ford diesel around locally...and so far so good...but I need to replace a few of the front end bushings and steering rubber. The newly rebuilt steering gearbox is great......My "fresh liver" lil brother is a very good Ford Mechanic...but I have to catch him in a "helpful" mood to get this done in his metal bldg shop in FTW. (disfunctional family stuff here..??)

My dad's doing fine afer his 2 months of hospital and home rehab....back to his old crotchety self....even drives himself around in his pickup (tho he probably should not) a few times a week.
Looking to be back to TR mid Feb....for another trip to Disney land west of the Pecos.
Adios all..


frann said...

I enjoyed my trip to your place, what a great view you have. Your house will be awesome when finished.

tffnguy said...

Bigfoot, if you'd have said that dome over the head worked then I was going to get an 8 foot satellite dish and rig it up so I could sit under it. Oh well... I guess there's just no hope for an idiot like me. :(