29 January 2011

who needs some slightly used nails??

3 cans of rusty nails later....(Bigfoot here again)
a few have splits on end....but with some wood glue they should be fine for a tin roofed shed or lean-to.

here's the pile after plucking nails etc out of them....mostly 2x10 whitewood

with the revolution going on in Egypt and elsewhere...oil may explode in price next week...I set my 55 gal diesel transport tank into the bed of the Ol F250 and squirted a hundred bucks of overpriced diesel in it at $3.40 a gallon (remember when diesel was half the price of gas year after year?)

The guy I got the lumber from gave me a couple old Farmall "H" tractor fenders. I may try to pawn them off on ebay...or dream up some inventive use for them at the TR Ranchito place. (would make a good post mounted horse/sheep/hawg feeder...too big for a Pug feeder)

Nice sunny weather around here yesterday (80F) and today....but supposed to be down in the low 20's early next week for lows....BRRRR..!! gives me the chills just thinking about it.


Abby said...

I couldn't wrap my head around those fenders until I found this page http://www.antiquetractorsrus.com/projects/farmallh.html

Looks like they'd make nice big stools with cushions added, or weld them up into a chair with a back. Or put them facing each other with a cushion on the bottom for a pug bed with shade canopy ;)

tffnguy said...

I see the makings of an S-Rotor wind generator. Or... Well stuff like that usually has to sit around for a while before a person finds a real good use for them. I bet you can do it if you keep them.

frann said...

That is a lot of nails. You sure put the beautiful day to good use.