27 October 2011

graph of truth...and post-Kiln garden harvest

Where are YOU on this chart...??


AND (update here)....here's what I gleaned from the garden in the cold drizzle tonite...after the nuclear Fuckusheema summertime we had here in TX.

All peppers here...the maters "tried" a bit with some yellow blossoms....but no fruit since a few in late spring....One watermellon the size of a canteloupe that I have not plucked yet.

(cell phone added for scale, lest anyone think these are huge peppers)

Supposed to be 40 degrees in the AM here.

Pepper tacos?....Pepper gumbo?....Pepper sandwiches?....pepper pancakes anyone..???


Oldfool said...

I'm over there on the right about where it levels off. I thought I would check out before the shit really hits the fan but now it looks like I won't but I don't give a fuck.

Dani said...

Old Fool - I'm right there with you in the lower right hand corner LOL

bigfoot said...

Old F...I'm catching up to you, and the shit is beginning to slide into the fan, true.

Dani...not flatlined here yet...but just around the corner.

Thanks y'all.

tffnguy said...

The map would have to be flipped for me. I'm old, but give a big fuck.

Unfortunately though I'm like everyone else and can't do a damn thing about it.