13 October 2011

Good Cartoon here...but all too true these days.

My daughter found this cartoon and sent it to me. It represents today's life as a teacher in the public school system.

Parents are nowadays pretty lousy as a rule and alot of kids have no clue as to what discipline is.

And just like our fearless leader (Barry Soetoro - "OBummer")..it's ALWAYS someone elses fault..!

Amerika's Future...!!

Adios MO-FO's..!!


Dani said...

Littlefoot - Have a feeling that modern "entertainment" is what has caused the transition / damage / megalomania.

tffnguy said...

I say bring the boat oars with holes drilled in the paddle part back in to the school rooms. Worked pretty good on most of the kids I knew in school. (Even me most of the time) ;)

Anonymous said...

Me thinks the one invention that started the downfall of American culture....the TV.


MsBelinda said...

Sad but true. Parents are relegating their responsibilities to teachers when discipline and learning should begin at home.

Anonymous said...

Oh so true! And teachers are always getting the shaft for it all..the poorly behaved kids, the stupid test scores (which do not hold the KIDS accountable), the lack of parental guidance...you name it. As a retired teacher, I am so happy I do not have to deal with all that anymore. Sorry that you have to.

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