19 June 2012

Mattie Lou Ewing 1947

Since I have been so remiss, I'm going to start over with publishing entries from Mattie Lou Ewing's Diary. For any newbies--These are entries from a journal I bought at an antique shop in Fort Worth. This is a woman who lived a farm life in post WWII Texas. Some is very mundane, but it's all a very interesting look into 'everyday life' at that time. (B.B. or Buster is her husband. Jo or Jo Beth is her daughter. Les is her son-in-law.). You'll see various places where I have inserted comments about readability, etc. I've kept most of her misspellings and grammar errors.


Wednesday—January 1
This is the first diary I ever attempted to keep, but I know I will enjoy every “day” of this new year. The snow and ice has everything completely covered, and its’ a very beautiful sight. I have a head-ache, but am having a wonderful time, with my rag rug. B.B. is at the farm and will bring the calf home for food. (?—One unreadable word)

Thursday—January 2
It’s still dark and gloomy out-side. Buster is at the farm feeding cows. I am feeling fine today and “Short Tom” is enjoying our bright fire. We went to see “Janie Gets Married” at the mission. We came home by 8 and listened to radio. The calf was delivered to plant and killed. We will have plenty of beef.

Friday—January 3
It’s bitterly cold today. Quite the coldest of the season. Planned to spend the day with Jo Beth, but decided it was too cold. Am chrocheting (sic) Jo a new doilie out of the new thread so am really enjoying myself. Buster is in a H.(not sure about the H) S. A. meeting today. He reported a very busy day at the office.

Saturday—January 4
It was unusually cold last nite. Kept the gas on all nite and windows were covered with ice this morn. Car was dead too. It was too cold to try to work at store so am at home. B. B. and Les are feeding cows at the farm. Lorena came over this morn for a visit. Ma died one year ago today.

Sunday—January 5
We buried Ma one year ago today. It was a gloomy sad day. Today has been sad. Buster was nervous. We all attended S. S. and church. Jo and Les came home for lunch, but none of us enjoyed it. It’s still very cold and no hopes of warm weather yet. Jo and Les went home early. I made cookies for Rosemary’s shower.

Monday—January 6
It’s sleeting this morning and looks like bad weather for sure. I walked to Aunt Letha’s (?) and rode to town to select our gift for Rosemary. We made final plans for shower and have it all planned. Buster is still “nervous”. Listened to radio and started on a new doilie.

Tuesday—January 7
Looks a little like spring this morning. The sun is shining but it’s “weak”. Did a big wash the old time way and had a big day. Bob came for me, so went to shower at 6:30. It was a nice party. 14 guests and all gifts were very nice. Am glad it’s all over as it’s a lot of responsibility. Rosemary seemed very grateful and we enjoyed doing it for her.

Wednesday—January 8
Another dark, gloomy day but I kinda like them. Takes these kind of days to make us appreciate the beautiful ones. It would be a shame to take too much for granted. Got up at 5:45 and am all thru my work at 8:15. Am all tired and should take it easy.

Thursday—January 9
Had a sick headache this morning. Stayed in bed until eleven. Bill and Buster came in for lunch at 12. The Veterans of Como came and inspected the farm and cows. I ironed and chrocheted (sic).  Spent the evening at home. The Satterwhites came and visited until 10.

Friday—January 10
I carried B. B. to the farm and brought car home with me. Jo and I went to food locker (? Not sure about food locker) and had my hair fixed at 9:30. Then on to grocery store and we fixed lunch and carried it to farm. We all ate and worked all afternoon and did a lot of good work on house. (Linda lost her calf).

Saturday—January 11
Went to work at Levine’s (?). Had a good day. Made 3.70. Bought me a new hat $3.40. Ate supper with Jo and Les and B. worked all day at the farm. Buster and I came home early and went to bed before 10. The entire family was dog tired. Oh yes: 20 eggs today.

Sunday—January 12
Another sick headache. Too sick to make it to S.S. and church. We went to farm at 11 with a load of hay and on to Mother’s (?) for lunch. Saw all the folks. Home at 3. Les was real sick all day. We visited with him Sun. nite.

Monday—January 13
B. B. and I got up early and fixed lunch. Worked all day at the farm. The Wilhites moved in and the house is full of people. We made everything look nice. The cow tester was here and we visited with him and did our chores. Too tired to go to the show.

Tuesday—January 14
The cows did unusually well. Am turning “Blondie and Blossom” dry this 15th. Joe Beth is 22 years old today. She is spending the day with Letha. Jo, Les, and Letha visited until 8:30 with me. Bob called and said Nell and Richard were at (unreadable). We will try to see them Wed. Buster figured his income tax, again with Mildred.


Ben in Texas said...

Loving that journal. Glad you back to it. About the couple things you didn't know about how bout this?

'Not sure about food locker' was a place usually at the C cattle lot where you had animals slaughtered and cut and packaged . They would rent you freezer space to store the meat. ( we used one on the farm for a few years.

And Levine’s was a dry goods store. Probably what she's talking about.

Bigfoot and Littlefoot said...

Yes. She writes quite often about the food locker later in the journal and apparently it's also a place to store, sell, trade fruits and vegetables that have been home-canned.

tffnguy said...

I guess a lot of Ben's info will be missed here now. RIP Ben.