13 June 2012

not anything exciting....just some pics and stuff here

load of salvaged junk from the apt rehab job....the roof fan runs great
found some old mini "super balls" from the 60's - 70's in the dryer roof vent fan from the coin-op laundry
had to build a make-shift sheep shed due to all the spring rain storms we've been having
My son had me pick up some used tires he bought off Craigslist in DFW area for his next rock crawler project 

from last cabin trip....on the porch...Pug on a chair shelf...relaxing
Our cabin neighbor James Jackson and his pet horse "Thunder" at our porch one morning.
Caren, making a birthday cake for her 1yr old nannuy kid she takes care of
His favorite book is "Grumpy Bird".....turned out pretty damn good huh?
Last wknd I decided to build some carport shelves from old 1964 apt salvaged lumber...used up 4 plywood shelf boards....only 900 more to use up....WAY too many plywood shelf boards saved...may have to use them for siding on some more sheds.!!! I've got 2 more van loads to pick up and haul home.
Here it is semi-finished...still need to put some doors over them and sides
Here's a couple of rolls of #1 GA stranded copper underground elect cable that I talked my elect sub out of from the project....1964 era stranded cable....scuffed up here and there...but not to be scrapped....only to be used for solar stuff at the cabin.

That's all folks....too busy working now, and I hate that 2 hrs of heavy traffic driving...can't wait to be laid off and go back to Terlingua for a good long while.



MsBelinda said...

Glad to see you are able to salvage a lot of things rather than they ending up at the local landfill.

Caren is a good cook and her cake came out great.

Bigfoot and Littlefoot said...

Ms B, I could have hauled home much more salvaged stuff, but our neighbors that already hate us, really hate us now. With all the sheds and lean-too's tarped covered stacks and such. Lately they got a family member elected to town council of our little 1200 pop town, so "code enforcement" dept is probably in our future.

Denese said...

Bet the cake was a hit. Cool update. Funny how the fmundane can be really interesting.

Anonymous said...

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