27 July 2012

Sick Baby / Hurting Back / Work

My baby Michael (Nug) was very sick yesterday. I went with his parents to the doctor. Ear infection. He had been fine the evening before. I've never seen him so fussy and miserable. He either cried, slept, or lounged (like a rag doll) on my lap ALL DAY. This is a child who usually doesn't slow down for a moment--and is so happy and sweet-natured.

Yesterday's chiropractor visit seemed to do no good and maybe made things worse. Maybe the reason my back hurts worse is due to sitting at weird angles with a 28 pound baby on my lap all day yesterday. We'll see what today brings.

Crunch time at Bigfoot's job. Lots of things needing to 'come together' very quickly right now. I can tell he's stressed and tired.


tffnguy said...

Hope you and the baby get well soon. Also hope Bigfoot can get everything done at work so he can relax some.

Take a couple of aspirin and you'll head south soon.
Dr. Dave's orders.

Bigfoot and Littlefoot said...

Yes sir, Doctor!!