24 July 2012

What's Wrong With This Picture?

A couple of weeks ago, I came home to Underfoot (Jack, the Pug) and he had his tail hanging down, not eating, not jumping, groaning when touch, and (most worrisome of all) shivering and shaking. Took him for an 'after hours' vet visit. The diagnosis was a hurt back (which he's had before, but didn't shiver and shake). Also took that opportunity to get some more allergy meds from the vet.

Then--last week I hurt my 'already hurting' back. Sent me right to my knees and groaning on the floor. Underfoot was (as his name would imply) right under my feet. Lucky I didn't fall on him and re-injure his back. He did give me some worried looks.

I missed two days of work (My work involves constantly lifting a 27 pound baby--not a good idea with an injured back).

So . . . Jack's vet visit cost . . . .A LOT. (I don't even want to say--But if you've had an after hours vet visit with lots of meds included you'll understand). And MY chiropractor visit cost $40 and I felt great afterwards. So what's wrong with this picture? (But we do love our pets, don't we!)


SHARON said...

Took Coco to the vet for alergies.....$100. Went to the doctor for my check-up....$10. Took Archie for his grooming.....$53. Got my hair cut the next week.....$10. Unconditional love......priceless.

Bigfoot and Littlefoot said...


tffnguy said...

Hope you and Underfoot both get better quick. I think medical is too damned high whether its for man/woman or beast. Does seem a little lopsided on the vet's costs though.

MsBelinda said...

I can certainly understand about the back pain. Hope both you and Underfoot get well soon.

Denese said...

I totally understatnd. Feel better soon. Taking care of our fur babies is priceless.