09 August 2012

Quick Trip to Austin

Jack and I are making a quick trip to Austin today (I've had the week off because my employers are on vacation). I'll get to see Ben in his latest production and I'll get to see Bruce, too. It's nice to have both of my boys in the same city!

We'll be back by late morning or early afternoon tomorrow.

I feel a little bad (well, not really) because I have avoided telling my mother I'm going. She has a bad habit of inviting herself to activities--which would be fine and nice. BUT considering the last several weeks of her in-again-out-again hospital stays, I really don't want to take her too far away from 'her' hospital yet. When the subject of my trip comes up, I'll just tell her the truth. No biggie.

1 comment:

tffnguy said...

Littlefoot, I'm sure you will have a good time. Hope you had a safe trip. Sorry to hear your mom is having medical problems.