01 August 2012

Updates, Etc.

. . . Just to tie up a few loose ends . . .

Mom is doing much better. Taking it easy at home and doing fine.

Nug ended up getting REALLY sick. The ear infection was a misdiagnosis (I'll save my comments about that). Had to take him back to the doctor the next day and a different doctor (correctly) diagnosed roseola. Nug's fever was up past 105 at times. It was a miserable several days. Even Monday, after the fever was gone, he was pretty wiped out from the whole ordeal. Yesterday he was more active. And I suspect today will be back to normal--zooming around the room all day (I hope). (For newish readers, Nug (Michael) is my 'job.' I'm his nanny. He's my baby.)

Nug's family is going on vacation to Florida next week. So I have a week off! I hope to catch up on a few things around the house, get to the optometrist for new glasses, and get my hair cut.

My back still hurts but in a different way now. More of an achy feeling in my lower back. I DID go have an acupressure massage (for the first time) on Saturday. I highly recommend it! I like it better than a regular massage (not that I get massages very often). They use pressure points and do a lot more strong pushing on bones and muscles rather than just rubbing. It feels like 'more is happening' if that makes any sense. I'm justifying the expense because it's for the health of my back. Way-the-hell more relaxing than the chiropractor!

The bread that I suffered so much angst about miraculously got consumed within 2 days. It ended up tasting very good.

I plan to make a trip to Austin this weekend to see BOTH of my sons. Ben will be performing and Bruce has just moved down there to attend culinary school. It's nice to have them both in the same city.


MsBelinda said...

I am glad both your Mom and Nug are doing better.

Enjoy your week off as well as your visit with your boys.

Bigfoot and Littlefoot said...

Hi, MsB.

I'm glad too.

I've changed my plans and will go to Austin next week to see the Thursday performance of Ben's play.