02 October 2012

The Deed is Done

I waited until the end of the day yesterday and then approached my boss about my leaving for an extended period. I was a 'mess' the whole day (but very good at hiding it) and knew I had to get this thing done.

I got very 'emotional' (I'll leave it at that). LONG story short: She is as awesome as I said she was! She doesn't even want to bring anyone else in to substitute for me! They will take the baby to the church daycare and sometimes the dad will be available. And two of the weeks that I'll be gone (the week of Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas) they'll be gone, as well. She says we will work it out. Her main concern is that I won't come back. But I assured her that I would. (David--you were right!)

On to other things:

Bigfoot is a grandpa as of yesterday. His son and daughter-in-law welcomed a healthy baby boy. I guess that makes me a step-grandmother . . . But we won't 'go there.'

My mother had another visit to the ER and a 3 day stay in the hospital. I took her Saturday morning and she was released yesterday (Monday). She was having chest pain and difficulty breathing but not related to her heart this time.

Yesterday afternoon I was in her hospital room waiting for the paperwork to be completed for her release and I received a call from my dad (who lives in New York). This morning HE is going into the hospital for a cardiac catheterization. He said one of the doctors told him they "see something" in the front of his heart (whatever THAT means). So I guess I'll know by the end of the day how serious this situation is.

Yesterday was filled with all sorts of drama--good and bad. Can't wait to get to the cabin, sit on the deck, drink coffee, and stare at the mountains . . .Ahhhhhh . . .

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tffnguy said...

Littlefoot, I had no doubt things would turn out good. Hope the best for your mom and dad.