13 July 2013

Cone-Nosed Beetle and My Boys

When Bigfoot and I returned from our trip, this is what I found in my clothes bag.

The Dreaded Cone-Nosed Beetle

I and my mom are making a trip to Austin today to see my son, Ben, in the lead role of Night Must Fall. He's a very successful actor in the area and I'm very proud of him. We'll also get to see my other son, Bruce, who is a chef at a local Austin country club.

If you knew me (I'm all about science and nature), you'd wonder how in the hell I ended up with an actor and a chef for my offspring. I wonder about it all the time. But it just goes to show that "you never know." And, needless to say, I am VERY proud of both of my young men, and so very happy that they have "followed their dreams" (trite but true) and done what they wanted to do and have been successful at it.

David--So glad to see that pad for your fridge. Yea!


MsBelinda said...

Glad you are taking your mom along for the trip.

Enjoy your son's performance as well as a visit with your other offspring.

tffnguy said...

LF, unfortunately with all the cloud cover I haven't been able to run the fridge. Back to ice for now. Wouldn't mind it so bad if we were actually getting some decent rain.

You'll have a good trip and a good time.