06 September 2014

A New Project

I started a new project today. We'll see if I ever finish it. This will be decorated with vintage jewelry pieces and beads and fitted with lights and sold on Ebay for hundreds of dollars.

The Beginning

And Now

And Later

Finished With Paint--Drying Time

Trying Out Different Mixtures of Paint.

I plan to paint the base a gold-ish color, over which I will paint several coats of 18K gold leaf. The bow will be red.

 Another Coat of Paint Needed (Photos look yellower than it is)

Drying Time For The First Coat

So there you have it. Tomorrow's decision will be 'clean the house' or 'work on project.'

The rest of my day was spent putting items on Ebay. That takes longer than one would think it should.

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Anonymous said...

What is your ebay site address so people can bid on it or buy it now?