21 May 2010

American Legion

So. . .here we are at the American Legion. Bigfoot to my left. Just Me across the table. Tffnguy to my right. And another friend, James, also across the table. We've just finished a nice meal provided by the great people here at the Legion. Now sharing some cool drinks and conversation. Good times.

We had Tffnguy over for 'brunch' this morning. It was beautiful weather this morning. Quickly turned hot. We had a high temperature today on our thermometer of 111 degrees.

I need to wrap this up. I feel like I'm being unsociable with my nose buried in this computer. More later. . . and pictures.


MsBelinda said...

Looking forward to the pictures.

tffnguy said...

Caren, hope you'll made it home without any problems. Enjoyed the brunch very much along with being able to visit with you'll.

Buddy Crawford said...

I keep looking for the photos,


tffnguy said...

Here you go Buddy.
Legion Re-Opening