22 September 2010

HOT NEWS FLASH.....(maybe)

Bigfoot here AGAIN...!
There is an outside chance of us'ns making a move to the Trans Pecos region....may have to live in a smallish travel trailer for awhile....but I can always exhale whenever I go inside to sleep...or get outta the weather....and stay outside the rest of the time.
And we'd only be an hour or so from the cabin (under const still).
We just arrived at this notion today and are kicking it around mentally the best way I know how this late afternoon...with a good measure of golden brown liquid......WHISKEY. (Wine for Caren)
If you don't sieze the CARP (carpe diem)....and JUST DO IT....when does it ever seem like the "right time"???
It'd be pretty soon...like late this year....and we'd have to find a "house sitter" for our very small place here near DFW.
But DAMN.....we REALLY do want to figure out how to make this work.!!!
okay.....enough for now..
hope every one is doing good.
Adios Y'all....
Bigfoot & Littlefoot


tffnguy said...

Great news Bill. Sure hope you'll can pull it off!

Nick Cooper said...

looks like everyone has the dust bowl mentality lately including me. Time to go west ( texas that is)

Buddy Crawford said...

Hello Big and Littlefoot.

Take my word for it and do it as quick as you can.

Tomorrow may be too late as
I just found out.

Good luck,
Buddy Crawford

Ben in Texas said...

So? I learned by reading another blog that you guys are in the desert... did you move already or just anther visit?