01 February 2011

We ain't gettin' out at all today...!

This old dog actually cranked right up today in 20 degrees....I just let her idle a while.
The '49 Packard under the carport....still covered in snow/sleet blowing in from the north all night.

The '48 Packard resting quietly under a canvas tarp (this one starts and runs in good weather with a little help) See the ugly things in the background?...a power pole and nearby neighbor's house....we don't have to deal with these unsightly things in Terlingua.

View from road in down main drive entry.

Here's the 10K BTU Kerosene heater found on sale at Lowe's last week for $60 (1/2 price)...runs about 12 hours on a tad under a gallon of kero...(which costs about $8 per gallon now days for the K-1 variety) Very nice heater, but no high or low...just "ON"...but puts out a good deal of heat. We have a couple other LP heaters in the house and it stays comfy....the main central heat unit in the attic did not work when first kicked on last fall...but these little ones do the job fine.

We heard the sleet starting at 3AM this morn...was about 20 degrees this morning at 7...still about 20 here at 2:30. Been mostly cloudy, windy all day and snow flurries for the last few hours. Not supposed to get into the mid 30's until sometime Friday. Low tonite and tomorrow night supposed to be around 11-12 degrees.
We sure do wish we were at a "finished" TR cabin sitting around a cracklin' fireplace.

TOTALLY not related...but here's an older very short video from the cabin porch after a big rain & hail storm rolled in...last spring I think..? gotta love a tin roof.


frann said...

Just windy as all get out down here today! It is getting cooler but there is a blue sky!

tffnguy said...

14 degrees according to online. Still no snow or any other type moisture. Online also says the windchill is -1, but the last time I was out there wasn't any noticeable wind?

Anonymous said...

omg, I guess I should count my blessing that Im stuck in florida now. As long as sh#$ dont hit the fan while Im here. yall stay warm!