05 May 2011

Dismally boring update....

BF again here..

let's see what's new?

  • garden coming along well (after 4" rain a few days ago)

  • still chilly up here in north TX....gorgeous weather every day lately.

  • we left the camera at the cabin last trip..(oops)

  • The old F250 has "issues".....big, back-kicking deep engine "clunk" when I tried to start last week....not good.

  • changed oil in the towncar yesterday and cleaned and oiled the K&N air filter.

  • kittens out the ying yang around here...think there is another batch in the '49 packard used to store junk in now.

  • My son took the "test" and got his HVAC Contractor's License last week. Passed with one try and made an 88 on this 4 hour long test.

  • headed back to the South Brewster Co next week for a few days...only 520 miles one way...and 8 hours if you go the speed limit and don't dawdle.

  • I really oughta drag my lazy tail outside today and mow some weeds down...if not... there will be a goat herder's feeding frenzy festival here upon our return.

  • Oh...and about that pic....stumbled across that the other day and, in my weird sense of sopho-moronic humor....it made me chuckle....maybe it'll make you chuckle too...(or upchuck)

    (I never have liked roller coasters.)

see...toldya it was dismal.


tffnguy said...

Never liked roller coasters myself and like them even less after seeing that picture.

Just Me said...

You'd think the guys in the 2nd row would have the sense to at least close their mouths. Always ride in the front seat of the first car - even if you have to wait longer.