22 May 2011

Since no one liked my last post....try this one!!

MAY trip highlights...!!

Okay...no one even hardly commented on that last VERY funny blog....(maybe it was the goofy puke-pic?...we are all SOOOOOO politically correct these days)

Just returned from a week long trip to the great SW desert. Weather was great, cool breezy morns at around 55-60 each day, sipping coffee on the porch...and afternoons up into the mid 90's most days...but MOST of the time there was a nice breeze..OR an ass-kickin wind.

Got to see Julianne for a bit, and the Legion Sequor crew with new brother (another transplanted Yankee...but a great guy), Tffnguy and I made a trip to Alpine, saw Elvis..(J.Wells) at McCoys for a minute, had brunch at the place with James and Don B....and got to see the very elusive and desired OGT (aka Nick) at the Legion for a short visit at the Legion.

Saw some wildfires off to the east of Hwy 67 between Ft Stockton and Alpine on the way into town.

Got some plumbing work done for water piping inside.

Got a pic of a cone-nosed bettle that sauntered out from under the threshold one afternoon...(then we kilt him dead with some RAID)

And hauled the 12 volt frig down from storage in Alpine (with Tffnguy's generous help)

At home here west of FTW we arived to tall green grass, leafy brushy stuff, and very humid weather, a far cry from the dry breezy temps of south Brewster Co.
(I just now had to go outside and connect the rain tank I use for the garden, as another storm is moving in from the west right now)

Caren has a pot of pinto beans in the slow cooker, and a spiral sliced, honey glazed ham out of the oven now. (You can pic these hams up at the local grocery for $10-13 each right after NewYears...all you can fit in the freezer...and DAMN they are tasty)

We will be heading back west in a couple of weeks for at least a week...maybe two...if the HOT weather doesn't run us off. But as long as you stay in the shade, take it slow (I'm great at this), keep a water mister bottle nearby, and have a small 12V fan to blow across the bed at night....it ain't that bad.


tffnguy said...

You'll missed a hot one here today! Showed 105 outside here and must have been humid because the coolest it got in here this afternoon with the swamp cooler on medium was 89.? I finally went outside in the shade about 6:00 because at still 103 it was more comfortable with the breeze than it was in here with the added humidity from the cooler and darn near 90 degrees. Sort of reminded me of my time in the dungeon.

frann said...

Yep it was warm today..I love your 12 volt fridg!! Well you sure touched base with dern near everybody in your visit..bring some rain back with you next time..I actually saw a cloud today and some lightning..no rain though.

offgridterlingua said...

IT was good seeing you and what the heck happend to your 30 day visit?