27 May 2011

Surprise!! It's Littlefoot!

Littefoot here. . .Here I am during our last trip--staring in awe and wonder at one of my new kitchen cabinets. This was a milestone (for me) in our cabin construction--to be able to move the kitchen area of the cabin into the actual kitchen area! There was much rejoicing and drinking of wine!

Here's Bigfoot caught in the act------of working!

Underfoot, being a pug, is at a great disadvantage when it comes to cooling himself off by cooling the air in his nasal passages (since he has none). So a towel soaked in melted ice water is one of his favorite things on a hot day. (And he told me he likes the pretty colors too. It makes him look like Chinese royalty)

Just a funny photo to give you an idea of where the Foot family's names come from. The shoes on the left are mine--just in case you weren't sure : )

We're hoping to get back to the cabin aroun mid-June and stay for a week or so.

Bigfoot's garden is ready to pop about a million tomatoes all on the same day. We're looking forward to tomato salads every day for about a week.

I'm starting to get into job-hunting mode for the fall. Trying to get something near the cabin, but we'll see.


tffnguy said...

Littlefoot, I'm having sever chest pains from seeing you post and Bigfoot working. Just too much for this old heart to take. ;)

Looking forward to you'll getting back down here, but believe me it is HOT right now!

frann said...

Love the kitchen. It has come along way.