11 June 2011

It's toooo HOT to go to Brewster Co....!!!!!

Well...since I cannot get my pea brain to work BACKWARDS...like Blogger's pic imaging does...here are pics inb REVERSE ORDER...!!!

Here's the local blow-hard....hard at work...on his KNEES..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW....new Wally World 12' diam pool...to replace the old one....$79 total with pump and all.

Here's the old one....only slightly used...cause I don't throw NOTHING away.!...makes a good tarp for something??

Here's a rare tarantula.....used to be common here...along with Horney Toads when I was a kid...but very rarely seen now here in North TX.

This is the "team" that handled the (some say faked) OBL whack job...it's those goat herders that brought down the twin towers....AND tower 7 that was blocks away(sure looked like an implosion job)...yeah sure..that's how it happened.!!...baaa....baaa...baaaa...!!!
Okay...off the soap box for now.

Been hot here...but not near as hot as south Brewster Co....gonna be around 110 daily there next week.

I hope Tffnguy, OGT, Frann, JustMe, Robert.D, James, Lee, David.S, even ElvisJW,et al....are doing okay and staying in the shade.

We plan to make it there once the "rainy season" begins....late July.


tffnguy said...

Oh come on Bigfoot. If an old fart like me can take it then you two younger whipper snappers can to. I'm pretty far under the weather right now though so the heat or something else is getting to me. I'm starting to think a trip to Big Springs might be in order. (Not the nut house, but the VA.) Well maybe the VA and then the nut house?

frann said...

Well on my scooter I have a wind chill..so 110 only feels like 100. I scoot on up to the porch or my neighbors for a few hours in the late afternoon..It does take till midnight before it is cool enough to sleep though.
Totally agree on the twin towers..we have been sole a load if crap there.
You did not blow that whole thing up...I believe there is an air compressor hiding somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Frann...that pool only has little ring to blow up around the top...it holds up the "wall" around the perimeter for the water....not a big deal for a BLOWHARD like myself.

David,,,tell us more about what's going on with you??? I think you need to get your butt up to the Legion and hang out every day from noon or so until closing time. I know those steel folding chairs get kinda uncomfortable after a couple hours...but that heat down there is/can be a real killer.

Pls keep us informed dude...???


Anonymous said...

Frann....early this morning, around daybreak, I rode my 400cc Suzuki Burgman scooter into town to the local McDees...for coffee (we ran outta coffee for the coffee maker)

No traffic, coolish temps...and only a 12 mile round trip....almost legal...only no inspection tags.

It was a confidence builder at least...for me..not being a long term motorcycle guy.


tffnguy said...

Bigfoot, I'm doing ok here and can take a nap when its cool enough. Been taking long ones for the last three days even with the heat. Sitting in front of the evap isn't bad and with the diverter blowing on the couch it isn't too bad for naps IF the damn wind would get out of one direction and stay that way!

Problem is it will feel ok when I have the west window closed and the wind is out of the west or east window closed while the wind is out of the east, but it keeps changing directions which over powers the evap and it heats up quick in here. I just got through changing windows for the 5th time so far and twice within the last 30 minutes. Damn HOT FICKLE Wind!