19 June 2011

Nothing exciting to report...106 here yesterday - MID JUNE..??

First..lookie here...a 1913 era political cartoon depicting the set up of the Federal Reserve...not anymore Federal than FedEx...but most of the sheeple actually to think the Fed Re is a part of the US CorpGovt....NOT! It is simply a private club of the biggest, wealthiest, greediest private banks.
Looks like they had to invent a new"boogie-man" from the mountains of the middle east goat herders...since they have killed Osama too many times now. (gotta keep the Dept of Homeland Security and the always "on" TERROR THREAT for the US)
The two parties that are no different..whomever pays the most gets the laws passed to help their corporation. Two headed monster...has been since the 60's.
On a lighter note...my son has a buddy that bought a really sharp, clean looking older Chevy 4x4 with a 454, and 4 wheel drive, etc. He bought it on Ebay, went to Alabama to get it and it broke down on the drive home. Turns out, it is a great LOOKING truck, but mechanically it was a rust bucket.
He's got it in his dad's shop and giving it a mechanical makeover. That's a 1991 Cummins diesel motor with rebuilt auto tranny sitting between those rails now. And he's reworking the nearly wornout front end steering, etc. OUghta be a real Hoss when he's done.
My brother who had the liver swap-out last summer, finally got back to work at Lockheed a few weeks ago. Caren made this "sick liver" cake for him to give him today when the family gets together at my parents' house for Dad's day today. Really turned out nice, if you can say a sick liver looks "nice">?
It was 106 here yesterday with a gusty hot wind. This is still nice though, compared to the miserable living hell our friends out Terlingua way are dealing with on a daily basis.

Happy Dad's Day to all you dads out there...!!!



tffnguy said...

Bigfoot, do me a favor and tell Caren not to ever make me a cake! ;)

Still about 110 to 113 here daily and no end in sight. Power went off to the whole area this morning about 7:00 and no telling when it will be back up if what I hear is correct. A huge transformer blew and will have to be trucked in from somewhere else. (Possibly out of state) so it may be down for quiet some time. That means no cool places to hang out, no cold beer or ice for drinks and so on. I made a trip south this morning (For nothing) to get Pepper come dog food just to find both stores closed because of the power outage and BBMI was just barely operating off of their generator. Problem is that they were out of dog food.

Just be happy where you are because it could be hell where you'll would like to be.

frann said...

The cake is darling...I have a recipe for kitty litter cake! Bo's truck is a good one...who's buying the gas! Yep it is hot but it sprinkled a few min's tonight..not measurable but a start.