29 June 2011

waiting for the Terlingua rainy season

current interior pic...2011

"BEFORE"...in 2006...my '49 Packard


Flat tires, dead battery, won't start, but does turnover after charging the battery. I had it running and inspected in 2007.

Finally getting down to selling one of the Packards. This is proof positive that cars ALWAYS lose money (except for the craze over old muscle cars lately)....$6,000 of cost now selling happily for $2000. This 1949 model has simply become a storage unit with misc crap stuffed in the car, and the numerous kittens that have taken over our place love to climb up underneath and sleep on top of the big flat topped straight eight 288 motor.

There is a guy coming up from Houston tomorrow to buy this and haul it back home. We'll use half the cash to pay down the 2011 property taxes for this place here in north TX. Not due until Dec of course...but at least it'll be a lesser hit when that comes due. Funny how no income forces you to get rid of things you "used to" think you couldn't do without..huh?

I still have the '48 tan colored Packard, but it's a keeper. All original CA car, still starts and runs, but I need to get it into some covered storage.

Caren and I are looking forward to another trip to South Brewster Co....but only after the extreme heat eases up down there. 115 degrees every day...doesn't sound like a place to drive 8 hours to for "fun". We'd probably end up spending hours each day hanging out at the Legion trying to stay cool.

Even with low grade gas prices lately down to $3.40 here...it would still cost $200+ for gas alone to make the round trip to Terlingua in the 20+ mpg town car.

Late July - early Aug should be getting into prime time for heading west. Call me a wuss.....but I can't seem to handle the high heat like I used to could.

The garden here is pretty much toast...after a good start and several nice medium/smallish fruit, the tomatoes slowed down to nothing now, withered, but still alive. Pepper plants slowed to very little production, Watermelon plant never made a melon, and cuke plants made one usable cuke and a few that died or yellowed on the vine at small sizes. I water these things with rain tank water every day...but I think the 100+ degree days and hot dry winds have taken their toll. Or..it could be the Chemtrails??

Dang..wish I could sell some cats....we think we have about 12+feral cats hanging around here now...(maybe I could contact some Chinese Buffet place?




tffnguy said...

Supposed to cool down a little for a few days here. Mid to high 90s. Beats the heck out of 110+, but when the online weather says one thing its usually about 5 degrees hotter here. I saw a 20% chance of rain on WUG for tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, but Nick and Dave said there is a 50% chance for Saturday???

WUSS! Come on down! ;)

Just Me said...

Finally got some rain here. Weather Underground Camel's Hump station said 0.97". No more excuses.