13 July 2011

Old 2006 pics..STUCK on a Terlingua back road

This ain't all of 'em....all stray feral cats...if you feed them they will STAY and multiply!Old pic during cabin const...back when I had a paycheck and a nice road truck. I had a new friend that was a great help in getting this thing built (along with his brother Jackie)..."Ricky" was up on the roof doing metal roof decking. Ricky was a guy that spent his entire adult life in the TX State Prison system.

He had only been out a few months after 26 yrs in the Pen (since he was 18-19yrs)...and had some wild stories to tell about life "on the inside". He was amazed at things like cell phones, matchlight charcoal, etc...things we did not have when he went in....Ricky's ashes are spread out on the bluff near the cabin now...He met a gal he fell for hard in FTW, she was a crack whore-type and got him on it too. He was robbing a donut shop early one morning a year after these pics were taken....when he took a shotgun blast to the gut. Gone...Poof!!

During Caren's first trip down here, after working one day on the place, we took a drive down some uncharted back roads, and it was getting late in the day.

Well, sure enough....we came to a dry washed out ditch crossing and as any guy with a belly half full o' whiskey and a Powerstroke 4x4 Ford....you're not "bullet proof"...but you are "unstoppable!" (at least in your own mind). But we got temporarily stopped. I backed up a bit, and hit it harder in 4x4 and we made it through....but eventually we came to a shut gate in the road and had to turn around.

It was on this same washout, on the return trip, that we got stuck for good this time....reciever hitch ball stuck holding the rear axle up so we couldn't move forward. ..sunk the hitch down to where it was resting on a rock. Held in place....Me and Ricky dug away at it, but with the hitch on top of the rock...we weren't gonna get it out. And it was pretty dark by now...several miles off the paved highway and no houses in the area.

NO....Caren did not get run over, but she dove under the rear axle one one side and Ricky on the other trying to dig out the rock from the bottom of the hitch.
I was about 50 lbs lighter than I am today (only 280# then) ...but still too big to slip under the truck.

Finally they got the rock out enough to where I could plow away from the ditch.........here's my "happy dance"

Ricky and me celebrating....(I sure miss Ol' Ricky)

It was then I knew this gal was a "Keeper"..!

Back at the cabin

Here's me captured in a tender moment with my grand nephew (?...my niece's kid)? a couple of weeks ago.




tffnguy said...

I'd be wanting to forget an ordeal like being stuck. What better place could ashes wind up.

jandean said...

Good stories Biggy! I especially like the gentle sweet nature you have around that kids neck...

MsBelinda said...

Nice pictures and background of how you built your cabin.