06 July 2011

Trip to Bryan/College Station last wknd..

Wish I could remember to load these pics in reverse order as blogger puts last uploads at top.......anyhoo... Sunday AM, before we headed back north to FTW, my son and I designed and he made this sign for the cabin with the plazma cutter. Design on the computer and the machine does the rest.

Here's the end of a very heavy welding table he made while we were there..1" thick steel top planks...with a built in bottle opener on every corner (can't see in this pic)
And this is his new plasma cutter hobby toy...could be a good sideline biz.(cost 1/2 as much as my first house)...but he saved up and paid for it himself.
He got this $3000 (new) USA made Quincy compressor on Craigslist for $800. Still gotta run the 220 power for it.
And here's his camping rig...used to be my truck but I handed it down...4x4, Powerstroke, 5 speed. He custom fabbed rear stabilizer outrigger supports to chain camper down to frame, same with special running rails with front tabs for hold down chain and turnbuckles.

He's a good, no a GREAT kid....27 yrs old, level headed, smart, hard working, focused and very mechanical...Don't know where he got all that...cause I ain't nothin like that. Guess it's true and about things "skipping a generation"..?? Caren's son is a great kid too, but she didn't get a chance to take any pics.

It's the dog days of summer, only thing is our "dog" (Jack the ripper)....stays inside all day, and only sleeps,naps,eats,craps...more like a stuffed Pug. While the army of Kats and Kittens attack me like a Jihadist movement when I go out, as they are always hongreee,!! These are all half wild cats, fur full of grassburrs and they love to eat grasshoppers and lizards. (pics later).

Caren and I made a quick trip to Bryan/College Station last wknd. My son lives in Bryan, got his Aggie Degree in Const Mgmt (no jobs in that field now) and works as an AC tech (5-6 yrs now with this co....10 yrs total as tech). Caren's younger son goes to TAMU and she got to see him a couple of times too.

Looks like South Brewster Co (parts of it anyway) got some rain lately...maybe the rainy season is just beginning to start....but it usually gets going in late July.

Seeya later gator.



Oldfool said...

It's easy to move pictures in blogger to whereever you want them especially with the new editor. The new editor is dashboard/settings/basic and at the bottom of the page. With the old editor I separate the pictures on the page then click on html, cut and past each pic. In the new editor you can drag them to where you want them. There are also choices you can click on including size and position.
If you don't want to upload the photo again go to Picasa, find the picture then grab the embedding html from the right side of the page and paste to your draft in either html setting or compose. If you put it into compose just click html then back to compose to get rid of the html gibberish.
The new editor also has a great preview function that opens a new tab/window and shows you exactly what your blog will look like.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that info, Mr O.F....much appreciated, will try that next time I/we post.

Stay in/on the bus and outta the heat.


tffnguy said...

Cool sign! Sure wish I could afford one of those tables, but no chance of that.

That camping rig looks like an A-1 Terlingua Chili Cook Off rig!