03 August 2011

MISERABLE HEAT...and other stuff.

Hello peeps....and sheeps.

I was cruising Craigslist last wknd...and found a 55 gallon barrel of K-1 Kerosene...so I emailed the guy and got it down to $180 cash. Un-opened drum of K-1 that he bought in Feb and did not use. I had to go to his place of work in far North Dallas to get it. Borrowed my dad's F150 pickup, as it could not be handled by the T0wn Car (although I've hauled alot of stuff with the old TC).

Got it home and my smallish Aggie brain came up with a method to unload this 480# barrel from of the truck....and it worked like a charm. The pic doesn't show my large ass in front of the barrel as we slowly rolled it down the landscape timbers and I stood it up at the bottom of the ramp. Nephew Joe holding the tie-down straps hooked to the bumper hitch to make sure it came down easy....worked fine.!!

I made some calls and found I coulda got this same "red dyed" K-1 Kero locally (not dallas) for $4.80 per gallon ...if I brought my own barrel and got at least 55 gallons. At $180 mine worked out to $3.27...PLUS "gettin it" costs.

hmm....paid $180 cash, refilled my dad's truck $34...paid nephew Joe $20 for his mostly windshield time....not sure if I made a good deal or not. If it had been the clear K-1...non red dyed stuff it woulda been better as kero heaters don't need wick changing as often with the clear K-1....but that costs $40+tax for 5 gals in the wintertime here.

AND I did some research and Kero oughta be kept in a cool, dark place for best life of 1-2 yrs....I don't think this one was. (not gonna bring it into the house when it's 110 in the shade daily) I need to add some diesel extender to it....almost the same fuel.

The '49 Packard I sold to a feller in Houston...finally got picked up a few days ago.....fresh WW tires the buyer had shipped up to me so I pulled the wheels and had them installed at Discount Tire for him. Sure looked sweet.

$1000 worth of WW tires on a car he paid $2000 for .....some folks working in the off shore oil patch gots $$....ain't jealous.....good for him.

(He's already got it running now....simple ignition part replaced..$10 part)

And here's my brilliant idea for keeping the ball o'fire Diablo heat from curling the dashboard off the old '85 F250.....a $4 Wally world camp-space blanket over the windshield and part of the top of the cab. Has a nice metallic rattle in the breeze...but ain't blown off yet. Need a giant one for the roof of the house....well, not that giant.

Caren and I, today, went to an early showing of "Cowboys and Aliens" movie today....at 10:50 AM....It was us two...and 3 others in the theater....wow....dark and coool...and a great movie..!!

When we got home we saw the door standing half open into the house....I realized that I shut it when we left( I thought)....put the key in and locked it. BUT the door was NOT pulled and latched shut...and had probably been half open for a couple of hours....luckily, I had hooked the screen door shut from the outside (got one outside to keep it from blowing open if I'm outside piddling)...otherwise we'da been searching for "Jack"....the Pug, all afternoon.

Took our 3 small window unit AC's forever to catch up....still a tad warmish in here at 10:15 tonite. (central unit went out 2 summers ago)...it was up to 112 or so here today. again.

This heat is a killer...but whatcha gonna do.? Stay inside and eat Vienna sausage is my suggestion.

Hope all y'alluns is staying luke-warm....and maybe even COOL>!!


B.F. & L.F.


Ben in Texas said...

You gonna try and burn that Kerosene as diesel fuel in a vehicle? Do some study first , but it should work fine in an older engine, with some additives.

frann said...

I love going to the first movie mid-week or the last movie on Sunday night...I have been in theaters and had the whole movie to my self.

tffnguy said...

Too bad you had too get rid of the old bomb. At least maybe it will get a good restoration now.

I was thinking I'd probably miss you'll on the next trip if you were going to be here around the middle of this month. I planned to go to Odessa and spend some time, but that looks like its out now.

I used to keep the garage (My shop) heated in Plano with Kerosene, but it got too expensive so I wound up giving away a year old Kerosene heater.

Anonymous said...

Ben...Just gonna use this stuff for heating, but in a pinch it would probably run in my 1985 Ford 6.9 non-computerized truck. (But I have 50 gallons of real diesel stored up with Extender in it)

Frann...a cool empty theater is the only way to see a movie.!!

David..the Kero heater we have runs about 10-12 hours on a gallon...and has 2 speeds "off" and "on". And we haven't pinned down a date for a trip yet. But glad we'll be able to seeya, hopefullly.