15 May 2012

Checking In

I've just finished reading Ben in Texas and about how he thinks he's addicted to writing his blog. I'm sort of wishing I was 'addicted' to writing THIS blog because I'm so inconsistent with it. So now I feel guilty (which Bigfoot will tell you is a perpetual state for me).

So now I've 'checked in' and said NOTHING (more guilt).

But Ben---You are correct. If YOU don't post every day, we get worried.

I DO actually have things to talk about, but now I'm feeling guilty about sitting here at the computer instead of washing dishes or doing laundry or getting ready for work. I'll check in later.


Ben in Texas said...

I'm waiting to hear more of the translations from the diary you found some time ago.
And how the estate down in Terlingua is going.

AND TAKE the secure sign in off the comment area!!!

tffnguy said...

LF, I don't update my blog near as often anymore and am bad about not posting on other blogs. Just seem to have other stuff going on even if I can't do much with one arm.

BTW you might get more comments if you loose the word identification crap. Some people just won't post on blogs wit it.