17 May 2012

Mattie Lou Journal Entries--1947

Here are two entries from Mattie Lou's 1947 diary. She lived on a farm in Sulphur Springs, TX.  This is her first diary and I'll just start at the beginning. (B. B. and Buster are the same person--her husband). I've kept her misspellings, quirkiness, and grammar errors, etc. And I make notations when there is an unreadable word--or sometimes just put a question mark--or take a good guess at what the word is and put a question mark right after it.

Wednesday—January 1
This is the first diary I ever attempted to keep, but I know I will enjoy every “day” of this new year. The snow and ice has everything completely covered, and its’ a very beautiful sight. I have a head-ache, but am having a wonderful time, with my rag rug. B.B. is at the farm and will bring the calf home for food. (?—One unreadable word)

Thursday—January 2
It’s still dark and gloomy out-side. Buster is at the farm feeding cows. I am feeling fine today and “Short Tom” is enjoying our bright fire. We went to see “Janie Gets Married” at the mission. We came home by 8 and listened to radio. The calf was delivered to plant and killed. We will have plenty of beef.

Going to the 'show' was a major source of entertainment 'back then' and it's fun to research the movies that she writes about throughout her journal. And to think--these were the 'new releases.'


Ben in Texas said...

Glad you are getting back to this project. I am really looking forward to it.

West Tx at Heart said...

Im glad your back to and I now am on an offical hunt to find something so cool as your journal. Thanks for sharing it with us.