16 September 2011

Carport/Shed progressing....but slowly.

They say "Quality takes time"....so maybe that's why this simple little shed is dragging out so long?

Or it could be lack of funds, lack of get up and go, sizzling hot temps all summer here in north TX....or that I'm a fatass, lazy, old AH? (yeah...the latter could be true?)

With the break in the temps yesterday, me and Nephew Joe (my 18 yr old workhorse) had to put in a little concrete curb-wall to keep any runoff rainwater (not that it will ever rain again) from running into the low side of this carport. Dug a 4-5" deep trough, found some junk steel around here to use as rebar (better than nothing)...mixed up 3-4 bags of 80# Maximizer mix, using a couple of metal drywall framing track pieces for forms. And got this done before 10:30AM.

I didn't have any anchor bolts for a possible future framed wall, so grabbed some 5" long X 1/2" galv lag screws and set them, screw tip up, into the top of the conc....with plans to use a wood block for a "nut" later. I picked up a small trash bucket half full of these lag screws at a nearby yard sale for $10 last week.

Now I finally used up most of a few rotted, discolored, ratty looking, partial fence panels I picked up somewhere for free, to make a light duty visual screen wall. (anything to piss off the nosy, nit-picky, neat freak, neighbors next door who drive by at 2 mph trying to sneak a peek at anything I'm doing). Actually has a nice "rustic" look to it....may just leave it like that.

Tomorrow, Joe and I are gonna try to get the old '48 Packard started and drive it into the shed....gotta find that 6 volt charger, pull the battery out and charge it up good overnight. Need to suck out the old crappy gas and put some fresh "go juice" in as well.
Pretty cool how the Packard hood opens from left OR right side...and with 2 people can be easily lifted off and set to the side...no wrenches...no pliers.. no screwdrivers needed...(and no sledge hammer Billy Bob!!)

More pics later....A.M.F.!

- Bigsocks.


tffnguy said...

Fine looking work there BF. You could spruce up that old fence with some graffiti. Bet the neighbors would love that. Frann would probably make a special trip up there to do it for you.

Anonymous said...

bring it Frann..!!

Let's go Egypt on 'em..!!!!

Oldfool said...

In 1949 my friend Glenn Jett's father was a Packard dealer. I didn't much care as I thought the car ugly. Later I came to understand that straight eight and the solid way it was put together. I have known a number of people that own a Packard but I never got to ride in one and I think it was because I didn't care. Now I don't think of them as ugly but more as Art Deco.
I like the fence, screw the neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Hello O.F...
Yes, I used to see these old "bathtub" Packards sitting in used car lots back in the very early 70's...selling for around $750. I always kinda liked the look, kinda like "it's so ugly it's cool". Never did get one back then.Once I grew up and was making a nice paycheck (until the 2008 crash) in const, I bought a couple of these off Ebay. Did alot of research online and figured out these old Packards were very well built and engineered. They ride, handle and shift very nicely for an old dog.
I sold one of them recently, but want to keep this one, if I can. All orig CA car, the family I bought it from said it was their father's car he bought new in '48, and drove it daily until he had a wreck in '85 and stopped driving. Has a long gash down the pass side from behind the headlight to the center door pillar but came with a fender and door extra. Interior is orig and still in good shape. the O.D. still works. They say these get 20mpg at 60mph with OD, even with the 327 straight 8.

I just wish a had a tiny bit of mechanical ability. but nope, nada.

Engine runs smoothly and quietly, but has a faint deep knock you hear when the engine is revved and then allowed to slow back down, then you hear if you listen. Not sure if it's serious or not.

Sorry for the long response, but I sure like the old car.

I sat down one boring day here a while back and made an Excel spreadsheet list of every vehicle I've ever owned since I was 16. Wow..44 cars/trucks. Down to only 5now.

Adios and thanks for the note.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ms B....here's that auto transport outfit...can't say anything good or bad about them..but they are supposed to have good prices.


take care..


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